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Gluten Free Fried Chicken Health Benefits

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Gluten-free Fried ChickenThe fried chicken recipe requires that the chicken pieces be coated in flour before frying. Flours made from most grains contain the protein gluten, which people suffering from celiac disease or gluten allergy cannot have. If you have been avoiding eating this dish because of gluten, you will be delighted to know that making a gluten free fried chicken is indeed possible. Scroll down to find out the various wheat substitutes that you can use to prepare this mouth-watering dish.



Gluten Free Alternatives for Fried Chicken

A gluten-free diet can help prevent many ailments. You can get more information on the benefits of using gluten-free foods.


To make fried chicken, you need to coat it with a good amount of wheat flour before frying. To avoid using wheat in this recipe, you can use one of the following flours individually or in a combination. These will be available in a grocery store that sells natural foods.


Millet flour – This flour is completely gluten free and is good for your digestive system. It contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. Magnesium helps regulate your blood sugar levels and keeps blood pressure under control.


Rice flour/Brown Rice flour – Both of these are free of gluten. Brown rice flour is nutritious than white rice flour. As it is obtained from unpolished rice and the husk is not removed, this flour contains important vitamins, minerals, and is also rich in fiber. Brown rice flour can help lower cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss.


Sorghum flour – This flour has a high protein content. Protein is essential for building muscles, bones, skin, blood, and other organs. The sorghum flour also has B vitamins, which help with metabolism and keeps blood cells healthy.


Corn flour – This is free of cholesterol and is a good source of antioxidants, which help prevent the body cells from getting damaged by free radicals. Antioxidants also slow down or prevent cancer.


Quinoa flour – This is rich in protein and dietary fiber. It gives a nutty flavor and is often combined with other flours such as sorghum flour and corn flour. You can also add potato starch to this mix.



Now that you know about the alternatives  available for wheat, you can go ahead and try modifying your recipe to make a gluten free fried chicken. Do let us know how it turned out and how much you enjoyed that yummy dish without worrying about your ailment.



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Gluten Free Fried Chicken Health Benefits