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Dangers Of Eating Raw Seafood

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Raw SeafoodEating seafood in the raw form is not a new thing, nor is it unacceptable. The oyster and sushi bars that are dot the American restaurant landscape prove its popularity. However, have you ever considered the fact that there might be dangers of eating raw seafood? There was a time when seafood from Gulf    was considered to be too risky to eat, however, things are fast changing now with seafood from other parts of the world also coming under the scanner. You will find some damning evidence in the following lines:-


1) Raw Fish


People are often left confused about the dangers of illness that may be caused by eating raw fish, especially those who enjoy their daily dose of sushi and sashimi. Their confusion is not without reason, as is pointed out by reports regarding dangers of eating raw saltwater fish. Besides your regular sushi and sashimi, the Scandinavian gravlax, South American ceviche, and herring (both raw and green), are believed to be carrying a type of parasitic roundworm, which wreaks havoc with the gastrointestinal tract of the human body. In the words of Dr Edith Newman, who is the medical director of the Jett-Katz Clinical Laboratory, “So far we  have not found any anisakis (roundworm) but then we have never specifically looked for it.” Words of caution from the expert!


2) Raw Salmon


We decided to focus on salmon separately because it is one of the most highly-consumed fishes in America. Last year, the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, reported that there was a danger of parasites such as tapeworm diphyllobothrium being contracted through consumption of raw salmon. The Center reported four such cases last year. In addition, while investigating samples of salmon in Seattle in July 2011, the FDA Inspectors found that the samples contained anisakis larvae, a clear indication of contamination. The fact that salmon lives in both fresh and saltwater, there are chances that it may contain both types of parasites. Frightening, isn’t it?


3) Raw Clams & Oysters Shellfish


Probably two of the most popular seafood items eaten raw, clams and oysters may give you hepatitis if enough care is not taken to ensure that these come from pure waters. Health experts claim that if taken from polluted waters, the oysters and clams can transmit tapeworms and other infections to humans.


4) Anisakis Increase


A leading parasitologist, Dr. George J. Jackson, acting branch chief of food and cosmetic microbiology with the US FDA, says, “We have seen only a slight increase in the number of anisakis cases here, but I think they are just the tip of the iceberg. Symptoms may be too mild to notice or may be misdiagnosed, most often as appendicitis or stomach cancer.” Another doctor informs that this infection would manifest itself into different forms.


5) More Dangers


Americans consume a lot of oysters and clams every year, which has been found to be infected with bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, which can bring serious illness, especially if you are already suffering from liver disease, diabetes, or weak immunity. In order to avoid this illness, you should either abstain from eating raw shellfish, clams, and oysters, or eat them only when these are thoroughly cooked.


Seafood is the new meat for people all over the world and it would be a shame to stop eating it altogether. You may be in a dilemma,  to eat seafood or not . However, the risk of contracting various illnesses on account of raw seafood is also unacceptable. In such a case, you need to consume seafood either from a trusted source or at a reliable restaurant or just eat it cooked.


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Dangers Of Eating Raw Seafood