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Dangers Of Eating Raw Chicken

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Raw chickenYou obviously thought that chicken (white meat as we know it along with fish) is probably the best thing you could add to your diet to make it healthy. That was probably before you had heard of the dangers of eating raw chicken. Yes, eating it uncooked has its own share of dangers despite the fact that these are not as dangerous as eating raw meat . It is not only the bacteria, which can harm you, but also certain other issues with the raw form, which is why you should avoid it altogether.


1) Food Poisoning


If you eat raw chicken, you experience stomach cramps and diarrhea, which are sure-shot symptoms of food poisoning, a medical condition that affects your stomach and bowels seriously and cannot be cured with any medicine. You can only consume plenty of liquid to get rid of food poisoning. One word of caution:- You can contract food poisoning even if you consume undercooked chicken.


2) Salmonella


Salmonella outbreaks have taken the US and other parts of the world by storm in the recent years, all because of the Salmonella traces being found in a variety of raw food items like celery. Well, raw chicken is also a medium through which you can get it. In fact, raw poultry is also a dangerous way to take salmonella into your body.


3) Listeria Monocytogenes


In case you end up eating raw chicken, which is worse, rotten too, these microorganisms can attack your stomach and bowels and push you into a severe bout of food poisoning. Again, this condition cannot be cured with medicines, so the best way to avoid it is to avoid eating raw chicken.


4) Staphylococcus Aureus


You may not have heard about it before this but trust us, this disease is really deadly. To avoid contracting this disease, you can do well to avoid consuming chicken, which is raw, undercooked, poorly stored, or even poorly steamed. Forget that chicken salad you got from a takeaway in case you are not sure of the takeaway’s hygiene standards.


According to a Consumer Report published recently, eating chicken is a good choice only if it is properly cooked. The authors of this report purchased 382 chickens from about a 100 different food stores and tested them for bacteria. It was found that only 34% of the birds were free of disease-causing bacteria. When you have such frightening reports coming in about the dangers of eating raw chicken, there is no reason you should not listen to the advice and keep your family and yourself healthy.


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Dangers Of Eating Raw Chicken