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Boiled Shrimp Health Benefits

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Boiled ShrimpShrimps that are boiled are healthier than their fried versions in many ways. For one, it has the nutrients intact and needs no oil to cook, which is considered to be an ideal way of cooking.Scroll down to find out in what other ways a boiled shrimp can be beneficial for you.



Why Should You Boil a Shrimp?

Boiling essentially does not require any oil. Oil is one of the most common culprits for elevating cholesterol levels in your body. Thus, if oil is totally eliminated or reduced, it prevents your cholesterol level from getting higher. Being oil free, it does not add calories to your diet. In this way, a boiled shrimp is outrightly beneficial for you.


Health Benefits of Boiled Shrimp

A shrimp, when boiled, retains its nutritional value. Some of the essential nutrients that you get from a boiled shrimp are:


  • Tryptophan - This is an amino acid and is highest in shrimp nutrition. This is one of the important nutrients that your body needs, and your body cannot make this on its own. This is very essential for the functioning of many organs. Tryptophan also helps deal with sleep related issues, menstrual disorders, depression, and anxiety.


  • Selenium - This is found in huge quantities in shrimps. This mineral plays helps strengthen your immune system. It also regulates your thyroid levels.


  • Protein - Found in shrimps, this can benefit you in several ways. Protein is very crucial to every cell in your body. Protein is required to build and repair tissues. It plays a great role in making the essential enzymes and hormones for you.


  • Vitamin B12 - This vitamin keeps your cells and nerves healthy. It also helps prevent anemia.


  • Iron - This is essential for transportation of oxygen throughout your body. Consuming shrimp also helps keep anemia at bay.


  • Choline - Shrimps contain a good amount of this. Choline is known to be very good for the liver. It is also beneficial for people suffering from dementia, depression, or Alzheimer disease. When taken by pregnant women, choline prevents neural tube defects in the unborn baby.


  • Omega-3 fatty acid - This is something your body cannot make on its own, so making use of other sources is important. This is good for brain function and improve your memory. It can also boost your immunity and makes you strong to fight against illnesses. Omega-3 fatty acid also prevents formation of blood clots in the blood vessels.


  • Low in fat and calories - This makes shrimp one of the most healthiest foods. It does not add to your cholesterol and elevate your LDL levels (bad cholesterol). Being low in calories, eating boiled shrimps can also help with weight loss.


Knowing that it is packed with important vitamins and minerals, you can now use the boiled shrimps to make a tantalizing dish. Include shrimps as often as possible in your diet and reap the multiple health benefits it offers you.


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Boiled Shrimp Health Benefits