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Don’t Drink That Glass Of Fruit Juice!

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VeggiesYou may be surprised to hear if somebody tells you, not to drink fruit juice . But the recent studies do not recommend it. As opposed to the fact that juice is considered to be good for your health, a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) offers contrary evidence, claiming that by consuming fruit juice, you may actually be at a risk of developing cancer. The findings have connected it to rectal cancer. The researchers believe that those who consume the lesser amounts of juice are at least risk of developing colon cancer in comparison to those who drink it by the gallons.



1) The Study


The study, conducted by a team of Australian scientists was carried out to establish how different fruits, vegetables, and their juices were instrumental in preventing bowel cancer. The study was conducted on about 2,000 adults, who were asked to answer a questionnaire about their daily eating habits. The participants of this study were tracked for 2 years to observe the diseases, which they may or may not have developed.


2) The Findings


It was found that eating whole fruits or vegetables on a daily basis brought significant reduction in the likelihood of these participants to contract bowel cancer. However, unfortunately, those who drank, rather than ate, the fruits and vegetables were at a bigger risk of developing rectal cancer, which is a form of bowel cancer. Among the juice-drinkers, those who drank more than 3 glasses of fruit or vegetable juices in a day were at a higher risk. So much for enthusiastic consumption of fruit juice.


3) The Truth Fruits


The researchers said that the high sugar content in juices, especially those which come packaged, might be the reason for development of bowel cancer. The team, based in Perth, also said that eating whole fruits supplied the body with fibre, Vitamin C, and antioxidants, all of which were lost in the process of making juice out of fruits and vegetables. This is not all, fruits also provide you with sufficient amount of amino acids, which help your body to build necessary enzymes.


It is shattering to know that fruits and vegetables, though indirectly, may cause cancer. So, the next time you feel like having some fresh fruit, you know you need to pick an apple or banana, not a glass of juice. And if you do want to drink your way to health, go for green tea.


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Don’t Drink That Glass Of Fruit Juice!