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10 Foods That Are Misunderstood Often

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Brown riceWe eat  4-6 times everyday in order to sustain ourselves but though you may know your rice from your pizza, there are still foods that are misunderstood often. This can be in terms of the positive or negative impacts of certain food items. Since the world is struggling with nutrition and obesity at an unseen-before scale at present, you may do well by beginning to clear some of those misconceptions. Do read on for more information...


1) Brown Rice


Most of the people switch to eating brown rice from white rice without giving it much thought. The fact is that brown rice is a complex carbohydrate, unlike its white counterpart. Breaking down complex carbs helps raise body’s blood sugar level, and thus, neurotransmitters are produced, which further facilitate communication between neurons. So, in effect, brown rice, indirectly, helps boost the working of the central nervous system.



2) Coconut/Coconut Milk Coconut


Your body requires saturated fat, which contains fatty acids. Coconut supplies you with those and, in turn, relieves the pancreas of some of the stress related to digesting food. When you consume the fatty acids with coconut or its milk, the saliva enzymes and gastric juices break down these acids, so that there is less strain on the pancreas to produce more enzymes. Coconut also raises your body temperature, thus, boosting energy levels.



Clarified Butter3) Ghee (Clarified Butter)


Ghee or clarified butter is a preferred cooking medium in Southeast Asia, especially, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. While the Western world is still somewhat unfamiliar with its nutritional value, doctors say that ghee enhances the vigorousness of the body, thereby inducing balance between body hormones. Besides, ghee has a very high smoking point, therefore, it does not burn easily while cooking.



4) Sweet Potato Sweet Potato


Besides being cool in its after-effect, sweet potatoes promote removal of toxins from the body as well as strengthening the pancreas and spleen. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Vitamins A and C, both of which are powerful antioxidants that help curb the free radical activity in the body, thereby, helping reduction of cancer-causing cells. Moreover, diabetics can consume sweet potato comfortably in comparison to the normal potato, because it helps in stabilizing blood sugar.



Mangoes5) Mangoes


Mangoes are often notorious for being too sugary but things couldn’t be further from truth. Though full of natural fruit sugar, mangoes are, actually, good for you if consumed in moderate quantity because they are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, as well as soluble fibre. The enzymes present in mango also help ease the pressure on body’s digestive system.



6) Chikoo (Sapodilla or Sapota) Chikoo


Doctors often recommend chikoo as the only fruit that can be consumed comfortably even during grave sickness. That is because this fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition to this, the sapodilla contains sugar, which helps your body to revitalize itself. The dietary fibre present in this fruit is also a natural laxative for human body.



Olive Oil7) Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Oil is often frowned upon as an unhealthy part of daily food intake. However, as far as olive oil is concerned, it is extremely nutritious, but, when used in moderation.



8) Nut Nuts


Keep munching on nuts if you want to keep your body’s fibre levels close to the optimum. Nuts, instead of being a storehouse of fats and calories (as is the misconception), supply the body with protein, magnesium, chromium, etc. The minerals in the nuts help the body absorb calcium into the bones more properly.



Dry Fruits9) Dry Fruits


Just like nuts, dry fruits are also notorious for increasing body weight but you need to understand that both nuts and dry fruits are not the cause of obesity, it is the excess quantities in which these are consumed. Instead, dry fruits contain unsaturated fats, manganese, copper, and riboflavin, all of which is important for the body to produce energy required for the daily activities.



10) Grapes Grapes


Last but not the least, grapes, again considered a fattening food, are body’s insurance against cancer. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and resveratrol, the latter instrumental in helping the body absorb Vitamin C.


Now that it is clear that these foods should not be considered the cause of your obesity, you can safely include them in your daily diet. Be aware of the foods that are actually unhealthy and live safe.


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10 Foods That Are Misunderstood Often