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Gluten Free Matzo Health Benefits

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MatzoMatzo, the traditional and most sought after crisp Jewish biscuit is now available in the gluten free form.  The health benefits of such special matzos are immense ranging from preventing chronic celiac attacks, being suitable for gluten sensitive people as well as preventing recurrent stomach ailments. Matzos that are made out of gluten free flours also offer a healthy alternative for everyone. It is helpful in restoring normal flora of gut, good for those afflicted with digestive infections and rarely trigger any allergic reactions, as it is free from food preservatives. Let us walk through the detailed health benefits of gluten less matzos and biscuits  now.


Health Benefits of Gluten Free Matzos


The best way to make gluten free matzos is to swap the regular wheat based flour with the more nutritious gluten devoid flours like tapioca flour,  potato starch, buckwheat and almond flour or even rice flour.


Potato Starch Matzo:


  • One of the best gluten free thickening agent is potato flour or potato starch.
  • Potato starch is heavily loaded with starch which is an excellent source of providing energy and boosting metabolism.
  • With high rated nutrition profile, potato is abundant in Vitamin C, B6 and dietary fibers.
  • Due to high heat tolerance, it stands out of the other related flour as you can prepare your matzos even at high temperature.
  • It is very low in sodium content and this makes it perfect option for people battling with high blood pressure.
  • Frequent spike of raised cholesterol is also prevented by intake of potato flour based matzos.


Matzos Containing Buckwheat Flour:


  • Buckwheat flour is another healthy substitute to wheat or grain based flour.
  • It is actually flour made from buckwheat fruit belonging to rhubarb family.
  • Being completely safe for gluten sensitive section, it adds to great health benefits.
  • It is known to contain all the eight essential amino acids (the compound which are not synthesized in our body but is supplied from external sources).
  • Buckwheat flour is high in magnesium, Vitamin B, zinc, iron and alpha linolenic acids.
  • It has been observed that buckwheat is highly beneficial for diabetics and helps in lowering blood sugar levels.


Brown Rice flour for Matzos:


  • Brown rice flour and white rice flour, both are extremely used as gluten free substitutes.
  • But former one has been revered for offering greater health benefits.
  • Brown rice actually retains the goodness of rice bran which is supposed to be abundant source of B vitamins.
  • They also have good amount of Vitamin E and iron.
  • It is completely gluten free and also non allergic in every way.


These gluten free matzos are an excellent alternative for people diagnosed gluten intolerance apart from being super healthy!


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Gluten Free Matzo Health Benefits