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Tips To Prepare Healthy Drinks For Kids

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Kids' Healthy DrinksKids love drinks, but how do you make them drink healthy? Simple! All you have to do is to prepare them yourself so that you can be sure that your kid is having his fill of nutrients via the drink. Find out how you can make healthy drinks for kids at home and avoid the store-bought ones which may contain unhealthy additives.



Why Should Kids Drink Healthy?

Healthy drinks are a way to add some extra vitamins and minerals into your little ones. As children find drinking much easier than eating, you can use this opportunity to infuse some nutrition into them.


Healthy drinks:

  • Can give your child an instant energy boost after a long day at school.
  • Can make his teeth and bones stronger. Thus, less fractures!
  • Provide hydration and protects him against the effects of dehydration.
  • Make him alert and active.
  • Help prevent urinary tract infections, which is prevalent with children.
  • Boost disease fighting capacity.



Tips to Prepare Healthy Drinks

The two most recommended drinks for kids are water and milk. While you can try some of these heart healthy ideas, you can also try to prepare a variety of healthy drinks with the help of the following tips.

  • Water contains the essential minerals your child’s body needs. Make him understand that drinking water is enough for quenching his thirst.
  • Low-fat milk can be used to prepare any drink. Give him a glass of chocolate milk or milk with any flavor. You can also make smoothies with milk and fruits. Milk contains a lot of calcium, casein, and phosphorus. These can help your kid develop stronger bones and teeth.
  • Diluted fruit juices. These will give him the required water content as well as the nutrition found in the fruits. Fruits like orange, grapes, pomegranate, and cranberry are rich in antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin C, which strengthens your child’s immune system and helps fight against diseases. Please remember, fruit juice in moderation is necessary. A 100% fruit juice should be limited to one serving per day.
  • Decaffeinated Iced tea. This is also a good source of antioxidants, which prevents cell damage.
  • Remember not to restrict soda pops or other sweetened beverages completely. It will only make these drinks more desirable. You can limit the portion size and also how frequently the kids can have these.



Drinks to Avoid

Sodas, sugary drinks, and sports drinks available at the stores contain refined sugar, which is not good for health. Consuming too much refined sugar can cause obesity in children and also lead to early diabetes. It can also result in high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Drinking a lot of these sugary drinks also cause tooth decay and change in bowel habits. Hence, it is important to teach children about the bad effects of these drinks. You can even offer them a treat if they quit drinking these.



Using the above tips and guidelines, you can prepare healthy drinks for kids right at home. Try to mix and match the ingredients and let us know if your drink was a super hit or not!



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Tips To Prepare Healthy Drinks For Kids