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Tips To Prepare Healthy Lunch For Kids

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Kids' Healthy LunchTo get kids to eat well, the meal served to them, should be tasty and loaded with nutrition at the same time. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare a healthy lunch for your kids.



Why Do Kids Need A Healthy Lunch?

Children have a higher metabolic rate than adults. Hence, their food requirement is also more. A nourishing lunch will help ward away sluggishness and will keep your kid stay alert and active for the rest of the day. It will give him the required power to meet the day’s energy requirement. Having a good mid-day meal will help improve his memory and concentration. He will be an easy-going kid, who will be more open to the tasks given at school. By eating a healthy meal, your child will also get the required strength to play games and participate in athletic activities. Thus, his overall performance gets better.



Tips and Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Adding a lot of variety and including at least three food groups in a lunch menu will help you prepare a nutritious lunch. You will do well to keep in mind the following tips while preparing your kid’s meal.

  • Children need a dose of protein everyday. You can provide this by including egg, tuna, lean meat, or peanut butter in their lunch menu.

  • Regular high-fat content in lunch might lead to obesity in the long run. Choose low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt or cheese. You can also try avocado or chickpea spread instead of margarine or butter.

  • Kids will love eating cut fresh fruit pieces. They are attractive, easy to eat, and are packed with vitamins too.

  • Whole grain breads with a variety can be used for lunch. These include whole grain breads, pita bread, and rolls. Whole grains help maintain a healthy weight and also help with digestion.

  • A salad with colorful vegetables such as grated carrots, tomatoes, celery, avocado, or cucumber is nutritious. Vegetables such as these contain the vitamins and minerals essential for a growing child.

  • If you are using tomato for a sandwich, make sure to keep it between the filling to prevent the bread from getting soggy.

  • Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are rich sources of antioxidants and are tasty as well. Adding them to the lunch menu is a good idea.



Following the above tips creatively along will help you to prepare a healthy lunch for kids. Do let us know if these suggestions were helpful and how much your kids liked it.




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Tips To Prepare Healthy Lunch For Kids