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Why Breakfast Is Important

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Breakfast is importantBreakfast often takes a back seat in our busy lifestyle. Is this morning meal truly necessary? Read on to find out why breakfast is important and why it should not be missed, come what may.


Importance of Eating Breakfast

As the very name suggests, breakfast literally means breaking the fast after almost 8 hours of not eating. Your body needs glucose on a daily basis to perform both physical and mental activities. After eight to ten hours of fasting, the glucose level in the body becomes lower in the morning. You need to replenish this by consuming a morning meal. This breakfast will give you the required energy to face the day and help you function at your best. Trying some of these healthy and easy-to-make breakfast options will give you the necessary boost required to face your day.



Benefits of Eating Breakfast

  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Improves Memory, concentration, and decision making skills.
  • Keeps you alert and active.
  • Helps you perform your tasks efficiently.



Skipping breakfast – Not a good idea!

Breakfast is often skipped due to lack of time, prolonged sleep, or just as a habit. If you are someone who misses breakfast frequently, you will do well to know what happens when you skip this essential morning meal. Your body, when it does not get the required replenishment of glucose through breakfast, seeks to draw that from your energy reserves. This includes the energy that is stored in your muscles, and you will end up getting tired and exhausted easily during the day. People who miss breakfast can also get irritable and have other behavioral issues as the day progresses.



Popular Myths and Facts about Breakfast

  • Missing breakfast helps lose weight. – On the contrary, people who miss breakfast often seek more food during lunch and high-fat desserts to compensate, and this makes them gain weight.
  • Eating breakfast will make you feel sleepy. – Not true. When had in the right proportion, a breakfast will help you stay alert and active.
  • Breakfast causes obesity in children. – No, it does not. Studies have revealed that skipping breakfast leads to obesity. Children need breakfast much more than adults do. Their metabolic rates are higher and their nutritional needs are more. Hence, they need a nutritious morning meal to keep them active, both physical and mentally.
  • Eat breakfast like a King! – Not really! A healthy breakfast should be light, yet nutritious. It should contain the essential vitamins and minerals that is good for your overall health.



Having read about why breakfast is important, make sure you eat a healthy breakfast everyday and let us know how energetic and efficient you feel during the day.



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Why Breakfast Is Important