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Heart Healthy Appetizer Ideas

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Healthy appetizers

Appetizers are a great start to any meal, and if you make them heart smart, there is nothing like it! Let us see a few examples of heart healthy appetizers and why they are good for you.




Appetizers for a Healthy Heart

Appetizers that are low in fat and calories are generally good for the heart. The following are some suggestions that you can try:



  • Tofu Orange Drink

Quick and easy to make, this appetizer is packed with adequate nutrition too. Simply blend tofu, orange juice, and banana with water and serve chilled. This drink will give you the power of antioxidants and flavonoids, which have heart-protective properties.



  • Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Yummy and nourishing, this recipe can be made with any fruit. Put fruits such as banana, strawberry, and pineapple on the skewer and serve with fat-free yoghurt and lime juice.



  • Marinated Shrimp

Mix onions, hot sauce, and lime juice in a bowl and add cooked shrimp. Add lime zest, stir, and serve chilled. This marinated shrimp is nutritious, low in calories, and contains essential protein and minerals.



  • Tropical Walnut Smoothie

Blend frozen mango, walnuts, orange juice, and tofu in a blender and blend until it gets to a smooth consistency and serve chilled. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 acid, this appetizer protects you against heart attack.



  • Mexican Bean Dip

Mix white beans, yoghurt, garlic, onion, and spices and mash well. Use this nutritious spread for a sandwich with lettuce or a dip with vegetables. The kidney beans are a rich source of folate, omega-3 acid, and B complex vitamins, which are good for the heart.



  • Herbal Sauce with Grilled Vegetables

Combine fat-free yoghurt with finely chopped rosemary, a garlic clove, cumin, and pepper and serve chilled to be used as a dip with grilled vegetables. Yoghurt can lower blood cholesterol and boost immunity to fight against diseases.



  • Sweet Potato Dip

Make spicy chips with sweet potato slices and serve with a mixture of yoghurt, chopped mint, and ground coriander. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids, essential vitamins, and fiber –a healthy mix for a healthy heart.



Spruce up your dinner party or lunch with one of these heart healthy appetizers, and let us know what your guests had to say!




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Heart Healthy Appetizer Ideas