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Gluten Free Macaroons Health Benefits

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Coconut MacaroonsMacaroons that do not contain gluten fit the bill when it comes to serving dessert to your gluten sensitive guests.  They are easy on your stomach, aids in the digestive process, reduces frequent stomach upsets and are simply enjoyed by both the normal as well as the gluten intolerant community. All kinds of macaroons, be it French, Italian or Spanish, bear a classic taste and richness of texture and all of them can be enjoyed in healthier forms that is without gluten. Scroll down to learn about the various kinds of  gluten free macaroons and their health benefits.



Before I start on the venture of explaining the benefits of these macaroons, let me tell you that basically such macaroons are made out of alternate flours that contain no gluten.


Chocolate Macaroons:


  • Chocolate macaroons are basically coconut macaroons that are covered with chocolaty cloud.
  • It is totally wheat less variety and thus you can be sure of it being gluten free as well.
  • They do not comprise of refined sugar, so they are good for your weight loss strategy, they will not spike your blood sugar level and due to high amount of fiber in it, you will remain healthy when it comes to your bowel movement.
  • They are boatload of healthy fibers and minerals.
  • The cocoa content in chocolate macaroons makes it a wonderful antioxidant stuff.


Coconut Macaroons:


  • Coconut macaroons are the classic treats to be enjoyed all over the globe.
  • It is made with coconut, cocoa powder, vanilla and almond flour.
  • Almond flour here increases the nutrition profile of macaroons.
  • It is full of monounsaturated fats and is best substitute for gluten based flours.
  • It has less carbohydrate than wheat flour and more fiber and vitamins too.
  • It has folate, Vitamin E and choline as nutritional supplements.
  • You get good exposure to iron and potassium with inclusion of almond meal.
  • Coconut on the other hand here contributes to better health of skin, hair and improves immune system.
  • It aids in proper digestion and lowers down cholesterol level.
  • It also has antibacterial and antiviral nature.


Blonde Macaroons:


  • The best part of eating blonde macaroons is that it is suitable for diabetic patients too.
  • It has either low sugar content or a natural and organic substitute for sugar.
  • It has cherries, unsweetened cream and yoghurt and healthy fats.
  • Healthy fats are made up of medium or short chain fatty acids that favor the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, so your digestion problems are gone in this way!


With so many alternatives for the gluten rich macaroons, you can gladly indulge in these decadent desserts that are healthy as well.


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Gluten Free Macaroons Health Benefits