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Herbal Remedies For Acne

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herbal remedies for acneNatural is the way to go, where acne is concerned. Prescription medications offer only symptomatic treatment and before you know it, they come back. You need to recognize the core reason and get rid or treat this so that they do not reappear. Acne is a skin disorder caused due to the hormones acting on the sebaceous glands present on the skin. It is certainly not a life threatening condition, however it can cause permanent scarring. Herbal remedies are worth trying out if you are looking for relief away from traditional medications. Read on for some tips that may be of help.


6 Natural Herbal Remedies for Acne you Should Try

  1. In a bowl mix together natural yogurt and fine oatmeal. Apply the thick paste on the affected areas and let dry. Wash with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
  2. Mint juice can be applied every night onto the face and affected areas for relief. Alternately,
  3. Soak lettuce in water and wash acne with this water during your bath as a natural remedy.
  4. Wheat grass has been proved to be very effective against acne. Drink a glass of wheat grass juice every day.
  5. Separate egg yolk and white. Apply the egg yolk on the affected areas. When this is done on a regular basis, acne can be gotten rid of.
  6. Tea tree oil is diluted and then applied on acne lesion for desired effect.

Watch this interesting video to pick up some valuable tips for preventing and treating acne naturally:


Tips to Prevent Acne

  • Black heads should be removed regularly.
  • Wash face with herbal soaps and gels.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid oily, fatty, fried, foods, nuts, and chocolates.
  • Do not use make up too often.


Acne is very common in young people in their teens or twenties. However, it is not uncommon in  adults. To keep it in control try out some of the above mentioned herbal remedies.


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Herbal Remedies For Acne