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Supplements For Infection

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Lemon Vast emergence of drug resistant bacteria against commonly employed antibiotics has resulted in increased inclination towards supplements for treating the bacterial infections. They can treat a wide range of bacterial and viral infections act as natural vaccine that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, obstructs with the multiplication cycle of microbes and improves the otherwise compromised immune system. Supplements entail both dietary and nutritional kinds that provide you with important nutrients, lack of which could be the reason for infection. Let us take a glance at various supplements that are commonly recommended to cure frequent infections…



Universal Supplements for Common Infections


Common affected body parts can be skin, gastrointestine or the gut part, ear and stomach. Most of the supplements act synergistically to ward off bacteria causing more than one infections.




  • Flavonoids are plant based pigments that is responsible for imparting color to greens and fruits.
  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of flavonoids have gained it reputation for being the most successful treatment for infections.
  • It has powerful immune boosting properties that tend to keep your immune profile strong and sturdy.
  • The antioxidant nature helps in preventing any kind of oxidative distress to healthy cells and tissues.
  • One category of flavonoid is carotenoid that is abundantly present in tomatoes and carrots; it helps in fighting against infection by spiking the level of white blood cells in your body.




  • Honey has been revered for being the oldest and also the sweetest weapon to fight against infections.
  • Honey has been endowed with natural antibiotic and this is the reason it is called as “natural vaccination” among scientific community.
  • It helps in detoxifying the enzymes and thereby reducing the harmful effects of those altered enzymes.
  • The powerful anti-inflammatory nature in honey reduces the symptoms of fever, redness and swollenness in and around the infected area.
  • It is particularly helpful in treating common cold, coughs and certain skin infections.


Oregano Oil Extracts:


  • Since ages, oregano oil extracts has been tremendously used to treat respiratory, urinary tract and stomach infections.
  • It is known to kill the common stomach bacteria called helicobacter pylori that is responsible for chronic gastric infections.
  • It is also quite capable of disparaging the harmful bacteria from sticking to the internal mucosal stomach lining to multiply and grow.
  • It has good dose of nutrients like zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, boron and many other trace elements that cures the nutritional deficiency, one of the leading causes of infection in adults.


Adhering to a proper dietary regime and fulfilling your nutritional requirements will ensure that you are free from any kind of infections.

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Supplements For Infection