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Gluten Free Gnocchi Health Benefits

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Potato GnocchiGnocchi, prepared with gluten free ingredients  makes it easier for people to relish the Italian dumpling as it guarantees to be safe from the dreaded grain protein.   Gluten free gnocchi are easy on your digestive system, does not trigger allergies and serves as a good alternative for people diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.


Gluten devoid gnocchi has chick pea flour, potato starch, rice flour etc as their ingredients that rate them high in taste as well as on the health factor. Catch a glimpse of  healthier gnocchis that tend to be free from gluten rich grains…


Healthy Aspects of Gluten Free Gnocchi




Gnocchi made out of potato starch ranks high in this list. Apart from being enticing and tempting dish, you get the healthy aspects of it to explore. Potato starch or potato flour is naturally gluten free and is a great substitute to white flour or sometimes corn starch. It imparts body and thick consistency to the dough that is used for making soft dumplings as a precursor to gnocchi. It has high level of vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B6 and is very good source of fiber. It is also recommended for people with multiple stomach ailments and is a great cure for people stuck with gluten intolerance for being inert in nature.


  • Rice Gnocchi:


Rice gnocchi is nothing new, but gnocchi made out of rice flour and sauteed vegetables. With some rice flour, beaten eggs and if desired boiled potatoes, you can come up with an amazingly tasting gnocchi delicacy. Rice flour is revered for being low in cholesterol, unhealthy fats and sodium. So, apart from benefiting people with gluten sensitivity, it also is good for heart and cholesterol patients. It can be deemed to be a wonderful substitute for animal protein and comes loaded with manganese and calciuVegetable Gnocchim also. It has very high reserve of resistant starch that encourages the multiplication of beneficial bacteria in our gut.


  • Xanthan Gum:


Xanthan gums are basically the by-product of bacteria named as Xanthomonas Campestris. Gnocchi that are made with xanthan gum used as the, stabilizer, thickener and binding agent are much more delicate and elastic in texture. Xanthan gums are major ingredient in making gluten free gnocchi as it provides dietary fiber to your dish.


Now that we have come to the end, you can sure that gluten free gnocchi recipes can be prepared easily and will act as a safeguard to your health!


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Gluten Free Gnocchi Health Benefits