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Diet Tips For Acid Reflux In Baby

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Rice CerealFollowing specific diet instructions  help in combating coli infections, irritability, vomiting or spitting, ear infections, frequent waking and hiccups, all of which are major acid reflux symptoms in babies. Parents are often left fazed by the sorry plight of their babies with acid reflux, as nothing seems to work in their favor. However, certain foods are a great help in improving the condition of babies and maintaining their overall health without resorting to medications. Acid reflux could generally plague the infants during the first three months when he/she is being breast fed.


Signs And Symptoms:

Some of the major symptoms associated with acid reflux in babies are: 

  • back flow of digested food
  • throat congestion
  • sinus infections
  • difficulty in breathing
  • aversion to food
  • weight loss and bad breathe.



Diet Instructions for Babies Troubled with Acid Reflux

Some simple yet effective diet information are  presented here for babies suffering from acid reflux:


  • Rice Cereal:


Though till first six months, your baby is strictly on breast milk, so there is no chance of any other alternative food. But after six months, you can provide your baby with thickened feed in the form of rice cereal. You can also mix milk with rice cereal and make your baby consume this super healthy stuff. It prevents frequent burping, eases breathing and is very suitable for digestion. Rice is superbly inert food and also helps in dealing with bloating, gas and pain in stomach due to acid reflux. Just make sure not to feed your baby with too much of it at one time, divide it into fixed intervals.


  • Banana:


Banana is often the first food that comprises of homemade baby food. It has natural mucosal properties that help in reducing the acid reflux symptoms in babies to greater extent. Moreover, bananas offer hardly any chances of allergies or other side effects, so they are rendered completely safe for your babies. Fresh yellow bananas help in acting as coat for stomach walls and thus prevent the indigestion and back flow of food.


  • Foods to Avoid In Baby Diet:


You should keep your baby away from chocolates, sauces, acidic foods like sweetened syrups, artificial juices. Certain fruits like oranges, pineapples, lemon, sweet lime must be eliminated from your baby’s diet. These foods increase the secretion of stomach acids that could create discomfort for your babies. Caffeine associated beverages and foods must be completely stripped off as they are of potential harm to your babies.


With so many good diet options available, you can easily manage acid reflux in your baby!


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Diet Tips For Acid Reflux In Baby