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Gluten Free Mushroom Soups Health Benefits

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White SauceGluten free version of the comforting mushroom soup is much more satiating and appetizing apart from being healthier than the gluten enriched ones. One of the most important reasons for adding a non-gluten mushroom soup in your diet are that they are devoid of the grain protein which is a common allergen. People afflicted with celiac anomalies, digestive failure, and gluten intolerance are advised to keep their distance from gluten rich mushroom soups.


The ingredients that go into making such healthful and flavorful mushroom soups are potato starch, rice flour and other alternative flours used as a thickener.  Dive down to know more in detail about the health facts of such mushroom soups…



Healthy Aspects of Gluten Free Mushroom Soups



  • Gluten Free White Sauce:


White sauce or béchamel that is also prepared at home is a wonderful ingredient as gluten free for your hearty mushroom soups. White sauce is one of the basic and mother ingredients in most of the soup recipes. You do not have to be a professional in preparing white sauce from the scratch. Just combine butter, casein free milk and all purpose gluten free flour in right proportion to blend and come up with consistent creamy texture. You can make it a safe alternative to all your milk based items and definitely glutinous foods. It is an all purpose sauce for any kind of liquid recipe.


  • Tapioca Flour:


Tapioca flour is starchy white flour with slightly sweet taste and is made from roots of cassava plant. It is known for its gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and protein free properties that makes it the best chosen flour for people on restrained diet. It is a perfect thickening agent and also provides body to your mushroom soups making it richer in color and flavor. If you are using rice flour in your dish, then tapioca flour makes a wonderful combo ingredient in your preparation. Tapioca flour is low in fiber and calories. It has high amount of complex carbohydrates and simply no proportion of fats. However, it hardly contains any trace of protein, but you will get slight dose of iron from it.


  • Potato Starch:


Call it potato starch or simply flour of potato; it is another best way to define your gluten free lifestyle. In most of the parts of European countries, potato flour is preferred and staple ingredient in variety of soups and stews preparation. It is loaded with abundant starchy stuff and thus it is brilliant source as energy provider. It has good nutritious profile due to high level of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and dietary fibers. It is blessed with very low saturated or unhealthy fats, sodium and high heat tolerance level. It offers very thick gravy like texture to your mushroom soups and is also good for recipes that require high heating. It improves gluten tolerance and deals with insulin sensitivity. It lowers the fat storage and also prevents sudden spike in your cholesterol level.


Gluten free versions of mushroom soups are simply the best way to fight gluten intolerance that also keeps you feeling super healthy!


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Gluten Free Mushroom Soups Health Benefits