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Gluten Free Dumplings Health Benefits

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Gluten Free DumplingsSoups, stews, puff pastries, noodles, spaghetti, biscuits, and sweet savories containing  gluten enriched dumplings are a big no-no for people afflicted with gluten allergies or celiac disease.  Gluten free dumplings are popular with  such  people.  Believe me; you will never be disappointed with the dumplings made from gluten free ingredients, as they rate high on both, health and taste. Swapping the regular dumplings with those that are devoid of gluten will act as magic for your health by keeping life threatening allergies at bay. So, let us explore the basic truth behind the healthful non-gluten dumplings…


Healthy Slant of Gluten Free Dumplings


Dumplings which are not made from gluten are substituted with ingredients that are simply non gluten in origin. These include, corn starch, rice flour, tapioca starch, arrowroot starch, millet flour, sorghum flour, egg powder, baking soda, buckwheat and even vegetable and fruits dumplings.


  • Corn Starch Dumplings:


Corn flour or corn starch is made from grounded and processed corn or maize. It is rendered gluten free and is quite stable thickening and stabilizing agent in bakery products. It comes with zero side effects and is quite versatile. You can use it in soups, desserts, biscuits, pies, or simply as sprinkle on your pizza crust. Dumplings made from corn flour will not be elastic but better enhanced in health and flavor.


  • Rice Flour Dumplings:


Rice flour is made particularly from delicately polished rice grains. They have high level of starchy material but they are completely devoid of any gluten like protein. It makes for an excellent substitute for gluten flour. Rice flour has optimal amount of water soluble vitamin and people deficient in Vitamin B6 are especially recommended to consume foods made from rice flour. It is also know to supply 20 percent more iron than wheat flour and is better swap for wheat flour again. It is also helpful in reducing the cardiac disease risks, prevent diabetes and replenish your body with complex carbohydrates.


  • Arrowroot Flour Dumplings:


Dumplings made from arrowroot flour are looked up as one of the best replacement for gluten rich flour dumplings. Arrowroot flour is made basically from fleshy roots of arrowroot plant. It is very similar in color, texture and appearance to your corn flour. It makes your recipes bit slimy, but does not change the color of dumpling as the corn flour does. It is very old cure for gangrene, aids in digestion, is good for restoring the bowel movement and is wonderful antidote for plant based food poisoning. It acts as very effective laxative. In many parts of world, arrowroot flour is the staple ingredient in cooking and baking.


With so many health benefits of  gluten free dumplings, your excitement of trying recipes made from them will be boundless and will add on to your longevity!


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Gluten Free Dumplings Health Benefits