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Natural Remedies For Sinusitis During Pregnancy

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Carrot JuiceRectifying your faulty diet with a well balanced and judicious mix of herbs, fruits, and vegetables as natural cures can help you get rid of the troublesome sinusitis problem during pregnancy. Natural remedies are known to relieve  the symptoms of  blocked nostrils, running nose, headaches and fluid pressure in and around eyes, head and nose, all that can worry you during pregnancy. As medications cannot help you much during pregnancy, resorting to innate cures appears to be a common tendency. Sinusitis, if left untreated can lead to kidney infections, overgrowth of bacteria and viruses in inner layers of mucous membrane and over secretion of mucous. Let us explore some of the highly recommended alternative cures for treating sinusitis.


Innate Cures for Sinusitis


There are certain foods to avoid for better health during sinusitis. You should abstain from excessive intake of salts, as this causes inflammation and water retention in sinuses. Eliminate fried, oily, greasy and starchy foods from your diet. On the top of this, avoiding dairy and meat products also helps in speedy recovery process from sinusitis. Now read on to know what foods as natural therapy for sinusitis that you should infuse your daily diet with…


  • Carrot Juice:


Yes, it tops the rank of most recommended foods for sinusitis. Carrot juice is a potent inhibitor of mucous secretion and it simultaneously opens the blocked nose. It has high level of Vitamin A that guards you against infections and chronic sinus problems. What more, there is no super drink like carrot juice to include in your daily diet. It is panacea for all ailments.


  • Garlic:


Garlic is a wonderful mucous dissimulator. It is potent cure for treating the bacterial and viral infections that could snowball due to sinusitis. It wards off headaches and also prevents any resurgence of sinusitis in distant future. Eating 2 to 3 cloves of raw garlic helps in dealing with the situation.


  • Vegetable Juice:


The healthy combination of cucumber juice, beet root juice and spinach juice in equal proportion is a great remedy for sinusitis during pregnancy. You should take this concoction until you are relieved from sinusitis. It is full of major and minor trace elements that go into curing your condition.


  • Mango:


Mango is touted to be one of the best insurance to sinusitis. It has hefty supplementation of Vitamin A that acts as scavenger for microbes that worsen the condition. It also helps in diminishing the toxins from blood that could give rise to sinusitis. So with heavenly taste of mangoes, you are also blessed with good health!


With so many effective and safe natural cures for sinusitis being available during pregnancy, you can easily opt for them and bid goodbye to you ever worsening condition in a matter of weeks!


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Natural Remedies For Sinusitis During Pregnancy