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Gluten Free Pretzel Health Benefits

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Gluten Free PretzelOpting for the gluten free variety of pretzels is advisable instead of going for the traditional brown, crisp, chewy and soft pretzels. The commonly used ingredients may sometimes cause you discomfort especially if you are allergic to gluten, have been diagnosed with celiac disease or are prone to severe diarrhea and poor digestion.  To know more about the goodness of such pretzels made with alternate grains please scroll down …


Pretzels That Are Gluten Free


The major ingredients that go into making gluten free pretzels are rice flour, tapioca dextrin, potato starch, corn starch, bean flour, palm oil, cellulose gum, guar gum, xanthum gum, dextrose, corn starch and lecithin. There is no alteration in taste and you will in fact find these pretzels even more palatable on your palate. The health benefits of gluten free pretzel ingredients come alive now…


  • Rice Flour:


Rice flour is wonderful and safe substitute for gluten intolerant, celiac victims and children with autism. It can be easily used as replacement for wheat flour and barley flour. It is very relaxing on your intestine and does not trigger unnecessary immune reactions as is seen in case of wheat flour consumption. Rice flour is rich source of dietary fibers, calcium, zinc and Vitamin B. The heavy load of fibers in it keeps you satiated for long and reduces the unwanted hunger pangs. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and keeps control on your sugar level.


  • Tapioca Flour:


Gluten free pretzels made out of tapioca flour have same texture and appearance as that of wheat based one. Tapioca flour also known as tapioca starch or tapioca dextrin is natural flour that is used to add chewiness to your soft pretzels. They are one of the best gluten free flour which can be used to thicken your soups as well. It is also used to make pretzels sweet in taste and soft in appearance. They have very low calories in contrast to white flour. Though there is no fiber and protein in tapioca flour, it offers daily value of your iron and carbohydrates.


  • Garbanzo Bean Flour:


Myriad of health benefits are guaranteed for garbanzo bean flour. It is cholesterol free, low in calories, consist of soluble fibers, has folic acid, high level of iron and zinc and is totally sugar free. They have isoflavones as powerful antioxidant. It enhances memory power, diminishes the chances of developing colon cancer and soothes the inner intestinal walls that tends to corrode due to frequent celiac attacks. It provides a nice bean like flavor to your pretzels.


  • Xanthan Gum:


It is of utmost importance in your gluten free bakery items. It is used as emulsifiers, thickeners and perfect stabilizers in gluten free pretzels. It prevents your soft pretzels from piling up and forming crumbs. It has good dose of dietary fibers and is perfect ingredient for diabetic patients. It helps a lot in irritable bowel syndrome, one of the major consequences of gluten intolerance.


With so many suitable options available in the form of alternte ingredients, you can easily change your preferences and include the gluten free pretzels in your diet.


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Gluten Free Pretzel Health Benefits