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Meat Glue??

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Unbelievable what gets passed under the radar when it comes to the food that we consume. This one here takes the cake!  "Meat glue" has been used for years to hold odds and ends of scrap meat...with this powder (notice how the handlers are wearing gloves and masks) they can actually glue the meat together and sell it for more dollars and as a superior cut of meat to high end restaurants.

The danger with all of this, is that often times the fat that used to be found on the outside of the meat pieces is now in the middle. This dangerous practice leaves so much room for very dangerous bacterias to grow and make all of us ill...

Check out the following video and then you will realize what is really going on in our food industry. Very scary, and we are the last to find out about it....

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The Health Nut!!!

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Meat Glue??