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10 Chinese New Year Foods To Avoid For Better Health

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Chinese Egg RollWith Chinese New Year celebrations come the excitement of lavish foods splashed with oils and brimmed with high calorie fattening ingredients. You can make your celebrations more alluring by avoiding those health traps and concentrating more on lighter and healthier food versions. We bring to you some of the popularly consumed Chinese New Year delicacies that are good on your tongue but could be a health horror! Read on to know more about the actual calorie count of your food choices…


Calorie Dense Chinese New Year Foods to Avoid



1. Chinese Egg Roll:


To start with appetizer, egg roll is winner in taste and is a great party rocker. It is made with white flour, whooping amount of egg yolks, high dose of sodium and frightening amount of sugar. White flour and egg yolk as major ingredient in it makes it a bad food for your health. This spikes its cholesterol level and is threatening to your heart. It has 193 calories with high level of saturated fat. Swapping it with steamed vegetable rolls will be a good idea to enjoy your New Year party.


2. Fried Rice:


Though one cannot keep away from fried rice when it comes to Chinese cuisine, but you can limit your amount. One serving of fried rice will approach up to 500 calories. If it contains chicken, then one serving of chicken fried rice will add up 650 calories with 33 percent of fat and carbohydrate.


3. Fried Noodles:Fried Noodles


Careless binging on your favorite fried noodles can stack you with extra pounds and can be really hard on your waistline. One large portion of fried noodles will give you 1200 calories with 3600mg of sodium. They are fried in lavish oils and most of the oil derivatives are saturated in origin. Plain noodles would do the trick of keeping you in healthy state of mind and body.


4. Mu Shu Pork:


Calories in one plate of Mu Shu Pork go up to 1000. It is this when it is not served with pancakes. Sodium and saturated fat content is very high in this dish. Also, pork is high in animal fat that could risk your health. Requesting for trimmed pork meat would be a wiser choice.


5. Beef with Broccoli:


This dish is considered to be a vegetable version with loads of green broccoli to fill the room. But even a half pound of beef in it soars the calories that approach to 900. Moreover, with beef as major ingredient, you will be stuffed with good dose of saturated fats.


6. Szechuan Shrimp:

Schezuan Shrimp

Though it is a seafood delight, you can still expect it to raise your cholesterol level to maximum. It has 700 calories with high amount of cholesterol in it. It is deep fried in hot and tangy pepper sauce. So that makes it very rich in carbohydrates as well.


7. Orange Crispy Beef:


Beef is known for its high saturated and animal fat content. Here it is deep fried and splashed with heavy dose of exotic spices and oils that makes it too high in calories. One large portion of orange beef will provide you with 1500 calories.


8. Fried Prawns with Garlic sauce:Fried Prawns


It is laden with sugary syrup and prawns are deep fried in saturated oils. You can get up to 800 calories with good amount of fats and carbohydrates from this very delectable entree.


9. Lemon Chicken:


Lemon chicken is one of the worst foods to be had on the eve. It has whooping 1400 calories and this is due to high amount of oils it soaks while preparation.


10. Shrimp Lobster Soup:


This is heavy version of otherwise healthy soup alternatives. It is made with rich cream and sauce that increases its calorie level. It has 400 calories.


To make your New Year  more eventful, you can switch to healthier versions of these culinary delights and avoid the traditional unhealthy ones in order to safeguard your health.



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10 Chinese New Year Foods To Avoid For Better Health