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Natural Remedies For Scabies During Pregnancy

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TurmericScabies can be effectively cured with natural remedies as they are better than topical medicines and antibiotics in destroying the scabies mites. They are safe and efective as a short term treatment of scabies. The conditionin pregnant women can make her pregnancy more miserable and snowball into several skin infections as well. If left untreated, scabies mites can travel through your blood and cause birth related complications for your baby. Resorting to natural remedies is beneficial during pregnancy, so let us explore a few of the best in this section.


Effective Natural Remedies for Scabies



1. Tea Tree Oil Bath:


Warm water bath to which generous amount of tea tree oil has been dissolved can be of great relief for scabies patients. It kills the scabies infesting mites and germs and cleans the area thoroughly. The best way is to immerse yourself in the tub of tea tree oil dissolved water for 20 minutes.


2. Mustard Oil:


Mustard oil is yet another most effective remedy for scabies. You should apply liberal amount of mustard oil on your skin before going for shower. It is known to effectively kill the laid eggs by mites under your skin and this way it permanently aids you in getting rid of scabies.


3. Turmeric:


Turmeric is natural and most powerful antiseptic and antibiotic. It has bio pesticides with antibacterial action on wounds. It is effective on scabies and reduces the itching to great extent. The compound known as curcumin is high on antioxidant level.


4. Neem Leaves:


Neem makes the scabies less contagious and stops the multiple reproduction cycle of scabies insects. It kills the eggs of scabies mites and reduces the itching, inflammation and redness of the infected area. Either a neem body lotion is effective or you need to apply neem leaves in grounded form before shower. You can also pop some fresh leaves in hot water and soak yourself in it.


These are some of the top notch remedies for scabies and are very safe during pregnancy.


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Natural Remedies For Scabies During Pregnancy