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10 Easter Foods To Avoid For Better Health

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Easter FoodsEaster fiesta includes food, fun and gambol. There is heavy focus on gourmet dishes with plentiful of high calorie foods that could add  pounds to your waistline which should be best avoided. We start gorging on Easter goodies much early before the arrival of the festive day, which ultimately results in soaring blood pressure, obesity and signals of diabetes. Many of the goodies can be laden with food allergens that could interfere with your normal immune functions and block your respiratory tract. One of the ways to go slow on riches and dishes is to realize the actual calorie breakdown of popular Easter foods. This write up brings to you some of them with the reason behind sparing them on your Easter dinner…


10 Easter Foods To Be Avoided



1. Mini Easter Eggs:


If you are planning to eat yourself silly on this Easter and gorging too much on mini Easter eggs, then it’s better to drop the idea as early as possible. The total kilo-calories in Mini Easter eggs are 1760 with 78 grams of fat and 49 grams of saturated fat content.


2. Brown Sugar Glazed Ham:Glazed Sugar Ham


If you find yourself famished at glazed sugar ham, then better restrain. One serving of brown glazed ham gives you 173 calories with 38 gram of carbohydrate and liberal amount of saturated fat. 108 calories alone comes from brown sugar glaze. The oil grease over its surface also makes it a big culprit for making you prone at life threatening diseases.


3. White Chocolate Eggs:


White chocolate eggs look yummy, smells good and taste is just awesome. But you must limit your intake as it has calories approaching to 1958. It has huge 109 grams of fats and 49 grams of saturated fats.


4. Chocolate Bunny:


Chocolate bunny must be favorite among your kids and it attracts attention of adult horde too. But if you do not restrain eating it, it can cause serious dental carries and plaques. Many mouth ulcers have been reported due to heavy binging on chocolate bunny. It packs in 480 kilo-calories with 29 grams of fats.


5. Caramel Eggs:

Easter Caramel Eggs

Caramelized eggs are something one must strictly think to put control on. It is sugar and caramel wrapped eggs that go very high in cholesterol content. You get around 1764 kilocalories with 100 grams of fats.


6. Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs:


This is another popular Easter egg version that comes with solid milk crust on eggs in a crunchy sugar shell. It is very high in carbohydrates and sugar. It has 28 grams of carbohydrates with 194 calories to stake your health.


7. Roasted Leg of Lamb:


The calories in roasted lamb leg can go up to 200 calories if the extra fat is not trimmed from the lamb flesh. It serves 143 calories when the trimmed lamb meat version is used for cooking. However, 122 mg of cholesterol can really wreck your health for sure. It is a big no for heart patients.


8. Sweet Potato Soufflé:


Gourmet sweet potato soufflé is a tasty twist on Easter but gorging too much on this sweet savory can strip off your diet plan for weeks. One serving of sweet potato souffle offers 595 calories with 30 grams of fats and 105 mg of cholesterol.


9. Easter Themed Macaroni and Cheese:


This is a real hit on Easter family get together occasion. T o remind you of calories. It has heavy dose of 832 calories with 51 grams of fat and 102 mg of cholesterol.


10. Potato Au Gratin Extravaganza:


Butter soaked potato Au gratin recipe is laden with good measure of calories and cholesterol. It has 323 calories in one cup serving with 58 percent of saturated fat content.


Easter is all about celebrations but we can get wiser and practice  self control by swapping rich delicacies with their healthier versions.



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10 Easter Foods To Avoid For Better Health