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10 Thanksgiving Foods To Avoid For Better Health

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Classic Pumpkin PieWith Thanksgiving, comes the idea of colorful, sinful and gourmet meals that could be hard on your waistline. If you are the one battling with weight gain during holiday season, then ditch those rich foods and live a healthy lifestyle post celebrations. We have sorted out some of the popular Thanksgiving viands that must be either avoided or eaten in moderation if you wish to keep life threatening diseases at bay. Here is the list…



10 Popular Thanksgiving Foods to Stay Away From



1. Sweet Potato Casserole:


Sweet potato casserole is truly fabulous and most traditional Thanksgiving vegan yam. But binging too much over it will spoil your diet plans for months to come. It is made with sugar and thick stick of butter, honey, cashew cream, brimmed with pecans, succant and dusted with cinnamon. The crumb toppings are all honey and sugar coated so that soars the calories count in it. Total of 200 calories are present in one serving of vegan yam, and it guarantees to add more than 32 percent of saturated fat to your body.


2. Dark Meat Turkey:


Turkey carving is age old tradition on Thanksgiving Day. But a dark meat version of Turkey sounds more offensive than the white meat variety. Dark meat turkey has very high calories that go up to 207 calories for one serving. It has 132mg of cholesterol, which again is risky. You can easily swap your dark meat version with white meat one. White meat has less fat and fewer calories.


3. Classic Pumpkin Pie:


Though plain pumpkin pies are one of the best savories to have on the special festive day, but it comes laden with all those rich and creamy toppings. This makes it one of the season’s delicacy to be avoided. It is made with pastry crust, whole fat milk, rich cream and hefty dose of sugar toppings. Diabetics are strictly advised to stay away from it as it can add 484 calories with 33 gram sof fat and 22 grams of unhealthy saturated fats. It is also very high in sodium content which again is bad for high blood pressure patients.


4. Duck Fat Potatoes:


The deadly combination of duck with potatoes is sufficient to make you gain weight effortlessly. Duck is very high in fat and cholesterol and you can pump in more than 600 calories of fat from single serving of this recipe. Moreover, extra butter and cream toppings make it even more threatening.


5. Jellied Cranberry Sauce:


It is almost difficult to avoid any cranberry recipe on Thanksgiving Day, but it would be wise of you if you stick to moderate intake of cranberry sauce that is jellied with high sugar content. It has 110 calories and gives you 25 grams of carbohydrates and sugar.


6. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy:


Gravy foods are already on high reputation of carrying more than day’s worth calories. They are made with fat induced cream and rich sauces. It has 343 calories with high fat proportion.


7. Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows:


587 calories are being pumped inside your blood with sweet potatoes laced with marshmallows. They also are prohibited for people with diabetics and blood pressure.


8. Pecan Pie:


One serving of homemade pecan pie adds up to 507 calories with high content of saturated fat.


9. Bacon Wrapped Turkey with onion gravy:


Bacon and turkey both are very high on calories context and have saturated animal fat in high proportion. Gravy in them makes them heavier on stomach.


10. Crispy Cream Donuts:


Made with rum, butter, eggs, sugar, high fat milk and loads of sugary donuts, this is one such food to be best avoided on the day.


Thanksgiving Day is all about food and having a good time with family and friends. It can be made more smooth with conscious and healthy eating. 


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10 Thanksgiving Foods To Avoid For Better Health