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10 New Year Foods To Avoid For Better Health

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German Chocolate CupcakesThere could be no better way to celebrate New Year extravaganza than stripping off the high calorie foods and welcoming the healthy ones. An array of indulgent dishes complements the fun, frolic and festivity. We tickle our taste buds with exotic dishes that are known to symbolize good luck and prosperity in coming year. But, savoring too much of New Year foods can cripple your stomach and add pounds to your waistline. It is always better to resort to healthy low calorie diet rather than feasting on high calorie foods unmindfully. Here comes 10 popular New Year picks that must be strictly avoided for better health.


10 Most Indulgent New Year Foods to Be Avoided



1. Peanut Butter:


It seems like peanut butter has become like a food tradition everywhere. But you have no idea how much damage it can cause to your body by stuffing you with immeasurable calories. One cup of peanut butter can fill you with 1517 calories and one single tablespoon adds 97 calories.


2. Dark Chocolate:


Although dark chocolate is heart friendly and provides you with antioxidants, it is always a good idea to skimp it in your diet. It can add more than 650 calories with extra burden of saturated fats. Swap it with sugar free versions that will spare your diet with no sugar stuffing.


3. Sausage:


Sausage is nothing but processed animal fats. However they are high on iron and vitamin side, but they also claim to have very high density of saturated fat and calories. One serving of sausage will add 455 calories. Different versions of sausage however, depict different calorie levels.


4. Doughnuts:


These tasty treats can impair your body system to much greater extent. They have high level of trans fats, 40 percent of saturated fats, more than 300 calories and is zero when it comes to nutrition list.


5. Canned Fruits:


We love to binge on canned and preserved fruits, but do we know that they contain inimical chemicals like bis-phenol that could lead to food poisoning. They also contain estrogenic agents that could snowball into diabetes and some liver diseases.


6. Finger Chips and Fried foods:


Finger chips are very high in calories due to high oil content. They also contain trans fat and other unhealthy fats that could harm your body in serious way. The best way is to stop it from crossing your plate.


7. Farmed Salmon:


Farmed salmon as you may think may not pose much health risk, but due to serious water pollution, you can expect your salmon to be contaminated with mercury and dangerous chemical compounds. Go slow on seafood and replace it with fresh organic substitutes.


8. German Chocolate Cupcakes:


German chocolate cupcakes with caramel icing can be most tempting dish, but it has 156 calories and more than 40 gram of fats. It is laced with butter, chocolate, sugar and many unhealthy ingredients.


9. Thick Fondue:


Fondue is enough to make you over weight in just three of its servings. It is heavily stuffed with butter and sugar with liberal topping of cream. You can ask for nothing more to make you obese other than one fondue dish.


10. Hot Buttered Rum:


It is made with butter, whipped cream, sugar, brown sugar and rum. It can boost you with 418 calories and more than 50 gram of cholesterol to spoil your health.


These New Year foods can play havoc with your health if feasted on unmindfully.


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10 New Year Foods To Avoid For Better Health