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10 Halloween Foods To Avoid For Better Health

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halloween FoodsThe “trick o treat” Halloween tradition becomes more gripping with the scary culinary delights.  But we start preparing for Halloween much early than the actual fiesta celebration which  can land us into trouble as we indulge ourselves. This write up rounds up a few tricks to save yourself from treating your senses with delectably devilish foods.  Read on to know more…


10 Scary Halloween Foods to Be Avoided



1. Cheese Ball Goblin:


Cheese ball goblin is made out of good chunk of butter, loads of heavy cheese, sugar and syrup icing. You pump in 128 calories with one whole serving of cheese ball goblin, it gives you more of saturated unhealthy fat and 108mg of sodium. Swap it with gluten free and low fat cheese ball goblin, this is much better idea to enjoy Halloween with the touch of healthy options.


2. Peanut Buttercups:


One scoop of peanut buttercups is topped with multiple layers of peanut butter sauce, hot chocolate fudge and whipped cream. You can easily make out the total calories it can induce in your system, of which the big chunk goes down to your waistline. It has 1220 calories, out of which 720 calories arrive from only fat. It is high in cholesterol and fat.


3. Chocolate pumpkin caramel:


This could blow your diet to heights! One serving of chocolate pumpkin caramel carries more than 200 calories, with high dose of saturated fats. It is okay to splurge into this fiendish treat for one day but it can be deadly if this indulgence goes for long.


4. Frightening Cheesecake factory:


Cheesecake factory can add up to 870 calories if it is overstuffed with chocolate and fudge caramel. It is very high on fat and sugar content and creamy cheese bites can do more harm to your health.


5. Halloween Graveyard cake:


Halloween graveyard cake is perfect centerpiece entry to make your celebration spookier. But it carries more than 800 kilo-calories with high amount of fat, carbohydrates and sodium.


6. Chocolate spider cookies:


It is although a wonderful Halloween themed cookies, but it can scare you with its high calories points. It carries more than 200 kilo calories with heavy dose of chocolate, blob of sugar icing and cream.


7. Pumpkin Pie with Pecan and maple cream:


This classic treat can make you taunt your waistline. You get 650 calories from this yummy treat and pump in more than 70 gram of saturated fat. Swapping it with plain pumpkin pie will add more health to your celebration.


8. Monster Cupcakes:


You can get everyone into Halloween with these monster cupcakes made out of butter, sugar and vanilla cream. But do not be unmindful, as it carries, 400 calories with hefty inclusion of sugar and fats.


9. White Chocolate Chip Mint pancakes:


Wonderful combination of white chocolate with golden pancakes, this can scare your health for sure. It has very heavy creamy toppings brimmed with choco chips.


10 Halloween witches:


It has good dose of shredded carrots but it is wrapped up with peanut butter, sugar syrup, gelatin, popcorn and ice cream cones. So all that gives it soaring calories to avoid it at best.


You can make your Halloween celebrations creepier by indulging less and by swapping ideas on good foods to remain in the pink of your health.


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10 Halloween Foods To Avoid For Better Health