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Listeria Affecting Bacon Bits

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Bacon Bits  in a Bowl.Listeria monocytogenes is a kind of bacteria, which invades the human body through diet. It gets intact to the gastrointestinal tract and travel through the blood stream.


It can grow at low temperatures, but can be destroyed by thorough cooking of raw foods.

Normally, it is found in the  soil, raw milk, meat, poultry, etc.

In the United States, it is found in the Bacon Bits (toppings over salad /potatoes).  These are the products of Patrick Cudahy, a Cudahy, Wisconsin firm. Two versions of its 10-pound cases of Applewood Smoked Precooked Bacon toppings:  Golden Crisp and John Morrell, were found to be contaminated with the Listeria.These products were produced on November 13, 2008 and distributed to some of the restaurants of Florida,Texas, Wisconsin and California.

After the confirmation of contamination, approximately 3,590 pounds of Bacon Bits were revoked.

These Listeria bacterium  can develop in days or weeks. It can be mild flu-like or fatal.It can also cause meningitis, miscarriage, still birth or other complications. Pregnant women, AIDS, Hepatitis patients, people undergoing chemotherapy are more prone to Listeriosis.

Listeriosis can be prevented by maintaining proper hygenic environment. People should thoroughly cook raw food from animal sources, avoid consuming unpasteurized milk and consume ready - to - eat items within their expiration dates.


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Listeria Affecting Bacon Bits