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Increasing Rate of Food Intolerance !

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Sometimes back I read an article on Food Intolerance about which most of us are ingorant to. So, I thought to share it with you guys.


Food intolerance is a particular type of food allergy. It cannot be detected in the initial stage coz; the body doesn't react immediately after the consumption of food.To make the detection method easy, scientists are trying to develop Blood Test method.

Not all foods are allergic. Some particular ones are detected so far. Dairy product, cow's milk,wheat, yeast, eggs, soya, pollen, peanuts, shellfish, fish, tree nuts are categorised so far for causing food intolerance. These foods can infuriate stomach pains, migraines, nausea, wheezing, anaphylaxis, eczema, asthma.

If the allergic person avoids to eat such products, even if he is chronic, his health will start improving.

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Increasing Rate Of Food Intolerance !