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How To Use Probiotics For Pancreatitis Treatment

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Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, occurs in three forms acute (short-term) pancreatitis, recurrent acute pancreatitis, and chronic pancreatitis. It is a rather painful condition but its occurrence can be prevented if one consumes probiotics regularly. Use of probiotics for pancreatitis treatment has resulted in mixed results. Let us find out more in the following sections.


How To Treat Pancreatitis With Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis can be defined as sudden and severe inflammation of pancreas caused due to alcohol abuse, gall stones, high triglyceride levels, infection, trauma, etc. Presently several studies conducted on effects on probiotics during this condition have proven to be contra-indicative. The gut microflora (good or bad) seem to worsen the condition and in certain cases also worsen the prognosis of the disease. 

Chronic pancreatitis on the other hand, is a result of unresolved acute pancreatitis and can be defined as an ongoing inflammation of the pancreas. The main line of treatment for this condition is to manage the symptoms and improve nutritional status of the patient. Probiotics, unlike acute pancreatitis, have proven to help in improving the nutritional quotient of the person and also help manage symptoms like diabetes, nutrient malabsorption, and inflammation maintain. They also enhance intestinal wall integrity, and boost immunity.  


How To Incorporate Probiotics To Treat Pancreatitis

Probiotics are effective in prevention of pancreatitis in individual at risk of developing the infection. Treatment of the disease, especially severe acute pancreatitis is still controversial, in such cases probiotic therapy  must be carried out only under strict medical supervision. If medically advised, there are a few things to be kept in mind

  • Action of probiotics depends on their strain, dosage, and age
  • Probiotic products must contain active cultures
  • They are best consumed in the unsweetened form
  • Food Allergies and intolerances must be kept in mind while looking at the sources
  • Start with small doses and increase gradually
  • Probiotics can be obtained from dietary and commercial sources


Best Probiotics for Pancreatitis

The probiotic strain found to effectively influence pancreatitis treatment is Lactobacillus plantarum. Commercial Probiotic Products Containing L. plantarum are Swanson L. plantarum, Allergy research group L. plantarum


Things to Remember While Using Probiotic Therapy

People who have compromised immunity should avoid or use probiotics only under medical supervision. Initiation of probiotic therapy may cause bloating and flatulence, but these symptoms disappear with time.


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How To Use Probiotics For Pancreatitis Treatment