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How To Use Probiotics For Fatigue Treatment

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Who would have guessed that fatigue would be a critical problem among Americans! One million suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, but the cure is present right in your very own kitchens - Probiotics for fatigue syndrome treatment. Let us find out how probiotics help in relieving fatigue.


How To Treat Fatigue With Probiotics

Fatigue is linked directly with poor digestion and intestinal disorders. Probiotics improve gut micro flora, maintain acid base balance and aid in digestion, and increased assimilation of nutrients. A healthy digestive system results in reduced fatigue and prevents fatigue syndrome.

Toxins produced by pathogenic bacteria are another cause of fatigue in the body. Probiotics displace the bad bacteria in the gut with good bacteria by creating an inhospitable acidic environment, thereby reducing the toxins produced. Decrease in levels of toxins and improvement of gut motility reduces levels of fatigue in an individual.


How To Incorporate Probiotics To Treat Fatigue

Probiotics can be included in daily diet in the form of dietary sources or commercial products. Here are some points to b kept in mind while initiating probiotic therapy

  • Action of probiotics depends on their strain and dosage
  • Dose of probiotics is age dependent
  • Probiotic products must contain active cultures
  • They are best consumed in the unsweetened form
  • Food Allergies and intolerances must be kept in mind while looking at the sources
  • Start with small doses and increase gradually


Food Sources of Probiotics

Dietary sources of probiotics are Acidophilus milk, kefir, cultured milk, cultured buttermilk, yogurt, femented soy, rice or coconut milk, pickled vegetables (Raw kimchi, sauerkraut or pickled beets, carrots or other vegetables), hummus, rejuvenac, kombucha, tempeh, natto, formulated health bars, miso, cereals, probiotic juices and certain probiotic salad dressings.


Best Probiotics for Fatigue

Selected probiotic strains from are lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and streptococci species, along withsome varieties of mold and yeast can be used for treatment of fatigue.

Probiotics are available in the market as Bifidophilous chews, Acidophilus milk, Nutrition now PB8 Acidophilus, Probiotic complex quantum, Probiotic yoghurt, Choice Super 8 High Potency Probiotic, Advanced Adult Probiotic, Yakult, Align, Activia yogurt, EcoVag, Yoplait YoPlus, Stonyfield yogurt, Pearl, Dong Quai, Coco Biotic, Goodbelly splash, Goodbelly probiotic fruit drink, Mutaflor, Actimel, etc.


Things to Remember While Using Probiotic Therapy

Probiotics are unusually can be consumed safely by all, but in people who have compromised immunity should avoid or use probiotics only under medical supervision. Initiation of probiotic therapy may cause bloating and flatulence, but these symptoms disappear with time.


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How To Use Probiotics For Fatigue Treatment