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Top 5 Gluten Free Desserts For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving desserts

Thanksgiving without the traditional, mouthwatering desserts is unheard of. The sweet delights baked without gluten, the harmful protein lurking in grains is even better especially if you happen to be intolerant to it.  A wee bit of imagination and innovation are the only tools required to transform the delectable dishes into healthy, allergen free ones. Read on to know more about the top 5 gluten free desserts for Thanksgiving, this year.


1.Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie

The soft pie is doubly delightful as it incorporates the creamy pumpkin flesh along with eggs, milk, cream and a host of aromatic spices including ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. The piecrust is created by using amaranth flour which can be found in specialty food shops across America. The crust prepared with the protein rich alternative flour makes it doubly significant on Thanksgiving Day, as it had been the flour of choice for the Meso Americans originally.


2.Individual Cheesecake

Quaint, tiny cheesecakes baked atop healthy, multigrain crackers can certainly help you to make your day, this Thanksgiving. The crust prepare by crushing a combination of gluten free crackers comprising of quinoa, millet and sorghum grains, together with butter and sugar will simply melt in your mouth even as you get to savor the smooth cream cheese filling flavored with fresh fruits and berries.



3. Apple Crisps

Apple Crisp

Traditional apple crisps made with lightly spiced and baked apples rolled in a nutritious blend of quinoa flakes and rice flour can help you to usher in the festive seasoning starting with Thanksgiving, next week. The nutritious combo of quinoa and rice flour ensures that your crisps are devoid of gluten, cholesterol and sodium and you get to enjoy the superlative taste even as your body gets its share of protein and dietary fiber courtesy the healthy coating on your apple crisp.



4. Pecan Tassies

Pecan Tassies

All-purpose gluten free flour does the trick here. The hard shelled, nutritious pecan nut were known to the Native Americans long before the advent of the European settlers who got to learn the art of eating them from the indigenous tribes inhabiting the area. The Thanksgiving dessert list thus remains incomplete without the coarsely chopped pecan filled tassies and the gluten free variety makes it score high on the nutritional scale as well.


5. Quince Biscuit Pie
Quince Biscuit Pie

Another of the traditional recipe that makes use of the nutritious quinces that had been introduced to the New World by the early European settlers. A cornmeal topping on the pie keeps it free of gluten thereby providing you with a means of keeping your digestive system healthy, a property known to the Native Americans long before the Europeans set foot on the New World.


Help yourself have a blast this Thanksgiving even as you thank the Creator for giving you the opportunity of partaking in the festivities courtesy the wide array of gluten free desserts that are both delectable as well as appropriate for the occasion.


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Top 5 Gluten Free Desserts For Thanksgiving