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 You’ve heard of emotional eating, where your emotions may cause you to eat; but have you ever stopped to consider how food might be affecting your mood? In fact, the two are very closely related, having a lot to do with the balance of brain chemicals. So, not only does eating right help with your physical health, but it helps to preserve your mental well being also.

So, what can you do to control your mood? What foods should you eat? If you need energy, you need protein, whether from beans, meat, or otherwise. Complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, can help to relieve you of anxiety. Fresh fruits, those things loaded with vitamins B and C, folic acid, and zinc, can be great sources of mood boosters as they release serotonin into your system. You probably never thought that a banana or a plum as natural anti-depressants, but they are. Chocolate, too, has some great benefits, other than a creamy taste. The endorphin present in chocolate can make you feel a natural high. Probably, you’ve heard the myth that turkey can make you sleepy. This is actually true! Foods like turkey and chicken release tryptophan, an amino acid that can calm you down, even to the point of drowsiness.

Maybe you think that eating specific foods at specific times of the day based on your mood might be a little much. There are general healthy eating habits that can make you feel better throughout the day. For one, eat breakfast. Everyday. This will not only boost your energy, but it will improve your concentration as well. Also, eat a variety of foods. You’ll get bored if you eat the same thing day in and day out. If you eat an assortment of food, your body will be able to ingest many different vital nutrients. Lastly, drink water, and lots of it. You’ll feel refreshed, energized, and your body will be getting something it needs a lot of. A positive attitude and lots of energy is easier to achieve than you think. Your foods really can affect your moods

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Great to know !!! The Tortilla Guy
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hahaha ...Really!on the way of food......mood play very important role!
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Nice information.. ariculated, and if the font size would have been taken care of then looked even more presentable. Anyway I feel that your body has its own inteligence which alwaya guide us what to eat and when. To experience that inteligence one should be sensitive and aware regarding the right call and instinctive call.
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You are right viks
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When I don't have food I get very emotional !!!The Tortilla Guy
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The eeeeemotional Guy....
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I also believe that, our selection of food exhibits our character and our state of mind !!
Andrew's picture
Half right. What is character? A number of variables determine the food habit e.g. social, geographical, ethnicity etc and definition of character varies... Yes it exhibits state of mind to some extent