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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Quiche

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Low Fat Quiche — Low Fat FoodTraditional quiche contains buttery crust that is usually prepared using whole milk, eggs, and double cream and can be quite heavy in fat and calories. To lighten it up, start out by skipping the crust and substituting eggs with egg whites or liquid egg substitute. However, to create the body and rich flavor of cream, opt for evaporated milk. A classic quiche contains just eggs and seasoning, but you can stuff your quiche with other ingredients to make a satisfying and low-fat breakfast. These tips on how to prepare low fat quiche will surely come handly in your quest for low-fat breakfast.


How To Prepare Low Fat Quiche

  • Flour, butter, egg, and cheese are the star ingredients of a quiche. However, these ingredients could be quite fattening for those looking for healthy alternatives. Slashing the amount of each ingredient or making a crustless quiche could save you from piling your plate and body with unnecessary fat. For the filling, try replacing whole eggs with egg substitutes or egg whites and reduced-fat cheese instead of full-fat varieties for healthy, low fat quiche.
  • If you want a low fat quiche instead of a dish that just contains meat, simply substitute it with harden fresh veggies like broccoli, carrot, zucchini and more. Slightly sauté the veggies in light olive oil and use it to layer your quiche. You can also use low-fat Feta cheese for added tang and texture.
  • If you can't do without a crust, substitute the flour and butter crust with a thin, low-fat crust. This would take off several grams of fat off each slice of quiche. You can also opt for other low-fat low GI ingredients like whole-wheat flour, oats, barley and quinoa, and sweet potatoes to make healthy crust.

Preparing low-fat quiche could be tricky. However, tweaking up the recipe and replacing the high-fat ingredients will result in healthy, low-fat quiche.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Quiche