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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Steak

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Low Fat Steak — Low Fat FoodSatisfying, filling, and flavorful, there is nothing quite like spicy, savory steak that sadly, can be quite high on fat. For a healthy meat option, it's important to cut down the fat content in steak as much as possible. You can minus the fat from steak by selecting a low fat meat, by using simple cooking methods and substituting fattening ingredients with healthier one. To know more on tips to prepare low fat steak, further explore the blog.


Cooking Tips To Prepare Low Fat Steak

  • If you wish to savor low fat steak, then you will need to pick your meat carefully. Opting for grass-fed bison or beef over grain-fed or corn-fed ones can considerably cut down the fat content from your steak. Grass-fed meat is high in omega 3 and low in fat, thereby toting up as the best low fat and heart healthy steak option.
  • It has been found that grass-fed beef or bison takes lesser cooking time as opposed to the regular meat because of low fat content. Since they tend to cook fast, they also tend to dry out and lose flavor easily. In that case, removing the meat from the heat when it's almost done and allowing it to sit for sometime will not only help the meat to cook evenly, but will also help it to retain its juices.
  • If you want to cook low-fat steak, then you can either choose to grill it or cook it on stovetop. Whether using the grill or the stovetop, it's best to sizzle the steak on high heat first as doing so will locks in the juices and result in a crisp crust. Its best to cook lean steak between rare and medium heat.
  • Grease the exterior of steak with little olive oil to get a crispier crust and to prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan.


These tips should help you enjoy low-fat steak sans any guilt.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Steak