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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Macaroni And Cheese

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Low Fat Mac and Cheese — Low Fat FoodIf you love your macaroni and cheese but wish to skip the unwanted fats with something healthier without sacrificing on the taste, then you have landed up in the right place. Heavy milk, butter, and cheese are what make the traditional mac and cheese so decadent. Making some slight low-fat substitutions will help satisfy your cravings without having to gorge on ingredients that are inherently bad for you. Follow this write-up on tips to prepare low fat macaroni and cheese, as these low-fat substitutions will help you relish your favorite comfort food without piling on unwanted weight.


How To Make Low Fat Macaroni And Cheese

  • The conventional recipes for mac and cheese more or less include for half-and-half, heavy cream, whole milk, or ample amounts of full-fat cheese. To slash down on the fat, substitute these high fattening ingredients with healthier alternatives like using skim milk instead of fattier versions or choosing a reduced-fat or low-fat variety of cheese will lighten up your dish.
  •  To add further health benefits with a serving of whole grains, seek out multi-grain or whole-grain varieties of pasta instead of noodles made with enriched white flour.
  • Another way to cut down the fat and enhance the nutritional value of mac and cheese is to substitute cheese with frozen pureed winter squash. You can also steamed vegetables or greens to mac and cheese right before serving. To prepare baked macaroni with low-fat ingredients, such as extra-lean ground beef and low-sodium spaghetti sauce, and simply drizzling it with low-fat cheese when it’s time to serve the dish.
  • To make your mac and cheese healthy yet flavorful, use reduced-fat sour cream and low-fat ricotta cheese. These low fat alternatives will not only make it creamier and flavorful, but also cut down the fat content. Thicken a too-thin sauce with a flour-and-milk combination, tapioca flour, or arrowroot.

These healthy tips on how to prepare low fat mac and cheese will surely make your bingeing guilt-free.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Macaroni And Cheese