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Natural Remedies For Infection During Pregnancy

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Cranberry JuiceInfections can be casued due to numerous factors during pregnancy. However, one thing common is that if left untreated, these infections can lead to serious complications like preterm labor, complications during delivery, infection crossing over to the fetus, infantile respiratory distress, etc. Resorting to medications for treating infections during pregnancy is not acceptable and hence, alternative  modes of treatment serve as a good option. Natural remedies come into play  here and are considered to be safest route to treatment. Find out some of the top and common natural remedies for the same…


Common Natural Remedies for Infection:



1. Boric Acid:


Boric  acid is a mild antiseptic and anti fungal in nature. It is highly effective for yeast, candidiasis, or any external bacterial infections. You can purchase boric acid from any medical store or pharmacy house. Use it topically for a week or two to reap the maximum benefits. It kills any further chance of spreading of infections.


2. Cranberry Juice:


One of the best natural way to stay away from infections during pregnancy is daily intake of fresh cranberry juice. It has immense antioxidants benefits, malic acid, quinic acid, loads of vitamins and fibers. All these ingredients guard you against any sort of infection and keeps you completely healthy during pregnancy times. It has anthocyanins like chemical that prevent bacterial colonization in stomach and vagina. It helps in keeping your vagina more acidic so that there is no growth of harmful bacteria in the area.


3. Oil of Oregano:Oil Of Oregano


Another best available natural alternative for treating infection during pregnancy is oil of oregano. This herb is anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and antiviral in origin. It is known to effective eliminate thrush, yeast infections, candidiasis, vaginal infection and stomach infection. It should mixed with jojoba oil to make it dilute as concentrated forms are bit unsafe to use.


4. Rosemary:


Rosemary is wonderful herb for treating yeast infections and skin allergies during pregnancy. It kills the overgrowth of bacterial colony in stomach and prevents you from any kind of allergies due to infections.

These were some of the most commonly known natural remedies for infection during pregnancy.

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Natural Remedies For Infection During Pregnancy