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Top 10 Glucose Rich Foods For Children

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Breakfast CerealsChildren’s growth and development is rapid, and to support these growth phases and other metabolic needs they need to take in Glucose Rich Foods. Glucose is the best source of instant energy. When Glucose is consumed in form of cadies, soft drinks, etc it can increase the incidence of dental caries and obesity among children. Insufficient glucose intake in children can result in fatigue, lack of concentration and weight loss in children.


Top 10 Glucose Rich Foods


1. Sugar and its products: Products made out of it like syrups, powdered sugar, caster sugar, hard boiled candy, and other confectionary are loaded glucose. IT is advised that these should be consumed in limited quantities.

2. Infant Formulas: These formulas that are meant to give instant energy to babies, and contain an average of 57g of glucose/100g serving

3. Honey: Surprised to see this item on the list, apart from fructose it contains 35g of glucose per 100g.

4. Dried fruits (Apricots, Dates, Plums, Figs, & Prunes): These delicious dried fruits contain 33 to 25 g of glucose per 100g serving. Apricots and dates are the richest source.

5. Energy Drinks and Soft Drinks: These contain 10 to 20g of glucose per 100g serving.

6. Syrups, Salad Dressings, Jams, & Jellies: These assorted products are glucose rich, and its content ranges from 10 -20 grams per 100 g serving.

7. Fruit Juice: Fruits juices like grapes, mango, pomegranate, etc are high in glucose (around 20g/100g). The content of canned/ bottled/ strained juice tends to be higher that freshly squeezed unstrained juices.

8. Baby Food: Baby food like strained fruits, vegetables, cereals etc, contain an average of 19g of glucose per 100g.

9. Molasses: The glucose content of molasses is 11g per 100g serving

10. Breakfast cereals: Cereals that contain high amount of sugar are rich in glucose too.


How To Incorporate it Children’s Diet

Glucose Rich Foods like soft drinks, candies, chocolates, jams, jellies, sweets, sugar, etc are excellent sources of sugar and provide energy boost instantaneously, but this energy surge is short lived. To ensure adequate growth of children and provision of energy for a sustained duration one need to give children wholesome sources of glucose.  Make a conscious decision to give your children glucose from natural foods sources like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juices, honey, raisins, dates, potatoes, sweet potato, yam, cakes, pasta, bread, etc.

Other foods like soft drinks, jams, jellies, desserts, candies, cakes, pastries, candies, chocolates, syrups, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. should be given in limited quantities.



Note: Children, especially ones under 2 yrs are prone to food intolerance and allergy. Introduce any new food slowly and cautiously. If you are aware of you child's food allergies avoid the any food that contains that particular allergen completely.


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Top 10 Glucose Rich Foods For Children