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Gluten Free Steak Health Benefits

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Gluten Free SteakSteaks usually tend to be gluten free, which in turn makes individuals afflicted with grain allergies and celiac disease heave a sigh of relief. However, you cannot afford to put your defenses down as most of the commercially available ones are cooked on grills or ovens contaminated with gluten rich products. The marinade that makes the steak tasty may also contain the harmful allergen and you will have to inquire closely at the restaurants or opt for preparing your own gluten free steak at home which will help you to enjoy additional health benefits as well.


Health Benefits of Steaks That are Gluten Free

The ingredients that go into the marinade can actually enhance the nutritional value of the choicest cut of meat be it a sirloin steak or a fat, juicy rump. Let us see how you can hope to stay healthy while keeping the gluten triggered allergies and ailments at bay by taking just a little care in selecting the right kind of ingredients which include:-


  • Garlic Powder

Considered to be one of the most potent, healthy foods, the humble garlic can strengthen your immune system and keep the bad cholesterol away even when used in the powdered form. Garlic is also a proven blood thinner which will help to keep your heart healthy by regulating the blood pressure.


  • Vinegar

Red or white, vinegar is certainly the best  when it comes to spicing up your steak. The organic acid helps your body to absorb calcium which in turn keeps your bone and dentine healthy. Type 2 diabetes can be successfully countered courtesy vinegar and you are likely to put on less weight once you substitute the fattening products like mayonnaise and tartar sauce with this gluten rich ingredient.


  • Chicken Broth

Try utilizing a simple, homemade chicken broth instead of the store bought chicken bouillons which may contain gluten. The essential amino acids that seep into your steak via the broth can build up your muscles while you save yourself from gaining fat along the abdomen by adding this helpful product to your steak marinade.


  • Molasses

Use the sticky, sweet molasses instead of sugar or artificial sweetening agents in order to maximize the health benefits obtained from your steak. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and copper, molasses help you to avoid anemia while strengthening your bones and teeth at the same time. The sweet ingredient is also known to ease the symptoms of menopause and has the capability of healing wounds quickly.


There is no dearth of ingredients when it comes to preparing the right marinade for your steak. Experiment freely by mixing and matching various options and you will be surprised to see how easy it is to have your gluten free steak and eat it too.


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Gluten Free Steak Health Benefits