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Natural Remedies For Asthma During Pregnancy

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GarlicAsthma is not a common pregnancy induced condition. However, women prone to the respiratory disease can suffer from dreadful complications that pose fatal risk to both mother and baby if not controlled appropriately. House dust mites, mold, animal dander, smoke, cockroaches, infections and environmental pollutants act as triggering agent for asthmatic attack. Most likely stage of asthmatic attack is 24 to 36 weeks. Women not prone to asthma can  develop symptoms during pregnancy due to serious upper respiratory infection like cold or bronchitis. It can cut the supply of oxygen from mother to baby, can put mother at high risk of developing pre-eclampsia ( high blood pressure condition putting baby at risk) and lead to preterm delivery. Asthma drugs are simply unsafe for baby and so there are significant natural remedies. You can count on to control asthma.


 Quick and Handy Cures for Asthma


Asthma diet, herbs, dietary supplements and yoga with acupuncture therapy controls the asthma to maximum extent. Find out some of the best known natural therapies down here…


1. Fenugreek:


Fenugreek seeds are often touted as one of the best remedies for controlling asthma. It helps in boosting immune system to fight against natural allergens and fortifies the body against bacterial or fungal attacks. It also controls the wheezing during pregnancy. Drinking 1 glass of water in which handful of fenugreek seeds have been boiled is good to reduce the symptoms of asthma.


2. Honey:


Honey is nest best remedy for asthma during pregnancy. Honey is known to treat coughing and subsequent wheezing associated with asthma during pregnancy. It improves the airway conduction and soothes the mucous membrane in lungs. Dark honeys like buckwheat honey are most effective in treating asthma, however light honey can also do the trick.


3. Ginger:


Ginger is known to treat upper respiratory ailments, which are leading cause of triggering asthma during pregnancy. It helps in preventing the immune system from getting triggered by possible allergens. It soothes inside walls of mucous membranes and provides instant relief to the patient. Ginger can taken in the form of powder, fresh root, or as ginger tea infusion mixed with garlic cloves or cinnamon sticks to double its effect.


4. Garlic:


Garlic cures sinus congestion, prevents undesirable entry in respiratory tract of allergens and prevents bacterial infections as well. Garlic cloves must be boiled in milk for 15 minutes and should be taken daily to see the effect.


5. Apple and Fish:


Eating apple and fish regularly during pregnancy cuts down the risk of developing asthma for expectant mothers and prevents the attack of asthma for asthmatic women. The omega-3-acids in fish and vitamin C content in apples are just the reason for positive effects. They reduce the occurrence of symptoms and boost your immune system too.


We hope the above discussed natural remedies for asthma will prove beneficial for pregnant women and will give rise to safe, happy and healthy baby!


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Natural Remedies For Asthma During Pregnancy