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GallstonesIn their great zeal to be thin many dieters put their health in jeopardy by trying to lose too much weight too fast .eating too few calories and rapidely shedding kgs can be unsafe.A multi center study[including National cancer Institute,US]published in the November 27 issue the Archievs of Internal Medicine has reported that weight cyclers- a common term for people who continuously put on weight and shed it off- are much more likely to develop gall bladder stone than others. WEIGHT VARIATION---------RISK FOR GALL STONE upto2.25kg --------Nill 2.25 to4.05kg --------21% 4.5 to 8.55kg --------38% 9kg or more --------76% source:TIMES OF INDIA

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Dutta Sahab It is good that new generations are conscious of their figure. By losing weight they are reducing the demand for the junk food in the market, which will lead to reduction in price level. More and more of awareness should be spread so that more and more people try to lose weight by reducing their food intake so that money can be saved which can be diverted to millions starving in our country and such other places like Africa.