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Lime Capsule Benefits

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Lime Capsules — Lime PillsJust like the fruit, the lime capsule contains more than just the citrusy tang and delivers a slew of health benefits. From relieving upset stomach to curing stress, lime capsule packs in a powerful health punch, if consumed regularly. Explore more about lime capsule benefits in this blog.


  • Lime capsules contain more vitamin C than the citrus fruit itself and can do wonders for people who suffer from frequent cold and cough. What's more, it contains pectin too, a beneficial compound found in lime pulp that can help shoot down cholesterol level in the body.
  • Lime capsules can help beef up body's immunity, aid in healing of wounds, boost vision, and fortify teeth and bones. Also, popping lime capsules everyday can help prevent tooth decay, dental caries, bleeding of gums, toothache, fragility of bones, and loosening of teeth.
  • Just like the fruit, the capsules too contain volatile oils that can help improve digestion and allay flatulence. Lime us believed to be wonder cure for all kinds of digestive disorders and resorting to lime capsules can leave your digestive health on a high.
  • Popping a lime capsule can help ease and regularize bowel movements, thereby helping you to overcome constipation or irregular motion. Besides, lime capsules being a potent source of citric acid can help alleviate symptom of peptic ulcers.


Other Health Benefits

  • Prevents old-age cataract
  • Prevents bacterial poisoning


If you find lime to tart for your taste buds, then popping a lime capsule on the go will ensure that you do not go deprived of the benefits of this naturally potent drug.


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Lime Capsule Benefits