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Gluten Free Granola Health Benefits

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Gluten free granola

Granola, the popular breakfast food and snack is also available in the gluten free form. The gluten free granola is preapred by mixing  a number of ingredients which do not contain the harmful protein.   There are quite a few additional benefits associated with them too, making the alternative form of granola immensely popular across the United States of America.


Health Benefits of Granola That Are Gluten Free

A granola cereal is prepared by mixing various ingredients and all you have to do is to check whether they are gluten free. They are also immensely nutritious and can impart you with greater benefits. How? Let’s find out…


1. Granola Cereal

The multi- ingredients found in your gluten less cereal provide more health benefits than you can think of.  Let’s check out the details.


  • Sunflower seeds are considered to be healthy and can improve your cardiovascular system as well as lower your cholesterol thanks to its Vitamin E content. Detoxification of the body is possible by ingesting the seeds as well while they bind the free radicals thus reducing the risk of cancer.

  • The omega -3 fatty acid rich flax seeds help to curb prostate cancer in men while it brings the inflammation down in both men and women. The high amount of dietary fiber aids in digestion while Alpha linolenic acid strengthens the bones helping you to stay active even in advanced years.

  • Raisins may taste sweet but they are not full of empty calories like refined sugar. They actually help to clear infections and protect against dental decay courtesy the oleanolic acid. The phytonutrients help to increase vision acuity and the raisins are also known for their iron and copper content which help in combating anemia.


2. Granola Bars

The nutritious seeds and grains together with dried berries that are baked and cut into the form of bars can be carried along making it a portable version of the immensely nutritous gluten free granola.


  • Honey is almost always present as a binder apart from being a natural sweetener. It can elevate your energy levels within a short period of time and its anti bacterial property will help you to evade infections apart from boosting up your immune system.

  • Peanut butter is a common ingredient found in the bars which add dietary fiber as well as bring a host of minerals that are beneficial for us. Iron can improve blood quality while calcium helps to promote bone development. Vitamin B can actually help to repair your DNA and facilitate the secretion of reproductive hormones and you might feel a little less guilty about consuming the high calorie bar after learning that it is good for you.


Keep yourself prepared and be ready to whip up some delicious gluten free granola either in the form of cereals or bar whenever you feel low.


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Gluten Free Granola Health Benefits