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Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

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GarlicPregnancy associated high blood pressure develops due to poor growth of blood vessels in the placenta, or due to damage of such blood vessels in the course of pregnancy. High blood pressure is seen either before 20th week of pregnancy or is present through out the pregnancy. there are major risks associated with high blood pressure that can affect your baby’s growth and nutrient supply. Up to 1 in 10 women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, and around 6% of women of them have no  history of high blood pressure. Read on to know about some of the clinically approved natural remedies which can prevent/suppress the condition.


Safe Natural Alternatives for High Blood Pressure


Natural remedies mostly include fiber rich diet, low sodium and cholesterol foods, with infusion of plenty of fresh fruits and greens. Some of the popular natural cures are listed below:


1. Garlic:


Apart from being a popular herb, garlic has got significant role in managing high blood pressure during pregnancy. It has sulfur compound called allicin, which have antibiotic, cholesterol reducing, blood thinning, and blood flow improvement properties. It has also antioxidant properties. All these properties goes on making this natural supplement best suited for reducing high blood pressure in pregnant ladies. It is known to dilate the blood vessels, which is an effective way to reduce shooting blood pressure. 12 cloves of raw garlic is highly beneficial way to tackle high blood pressure.


2. Vitamin C:


Pregnant women who eat foods rich in vitamin C content have very low chances of developing any form of high blood pressure during or after pregnancy. The antioxidant property of vitamin C helps in preventing preterm delivery, and birth defects. It helps in blood vessels dilation, and acts strongly as muscle relaxant. It also interferes with blood clot formation by lowering cholesterol, which is one of the prime causes of high blood pressure. Include lots of citrus fruits like oranges, Indian gooseberries, and sweet lime in your daily diet.


3. Potassium:


Fruits rich in potassium work in magical way to reduce high blood pressure in people of any age, and are best suited for pregnant ladies. It also nullifies the consequences of high sodium intake. It is known to have blood pressure lowering action, and helps in balance of sodium and potassium in blood. Have it from strawberries, bananas, watermelons, rains, dry fruits, milk, kidney beans, prunes, oranges, tomatoes, and mushrooms.


4. Potatoes:


Boiled potatoes seem to play trick for pregnancy induced high blood pressure. It is very rich source of potassium, and must be taken daily, thus is beneficial diet for high blood pressure. It should not be fried or grilled before consumption, as this reduces the amount of potassium present in potatoes.  


All the above mentioned natural remedies helps to manage high blood pressure during pregnancy, however, you need to cut down on excessive salt intake to see positive results.


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Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy