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Top 10 Cholesterol Rich Foods For Children

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Cholesterol Rich Foods must be an inevitable part of children’s diet! Why?Cholesterol is not the enemy that it is portrayed to be. It is necessary for many basic functions of the body; integral part of every cell, required for proper functioning of nerves and muscles,  uptake of hormones (serotonin), powerful antioxidant, precursor of vitamin D, and precursor to hormones (testosterone, estrogen, etc.).  Cholesterol rich foods are also high in arachidonic acid, which is an essential fatty acid and mandatory for children.


Children younger than 2 are in a phase of rapid growth and development require high-energy intakes from food, thus fats and cholesterol should not be restricted at this age. The American Heart Association (AHA) states that clogging of arteries can occur from childhood, so it is recommended that children between 2 – 19 years consume only 170mg cholesterol per day.


Food Sources of Cholesterol

Foods derived from animal sources are the best source of cholesterol like egg, beef, shrimp, animal fat, pork, poultry, etc. Vegetarian sources are limited, the best among them are dairy products like cheese, ice creams, etc.


Top 10 Cholesterol Rich Foods For Children


  1.  Egg Yolk: Egg Yolks are a part of innumerable savory and sweet dishes. A single egg yolk contains 210 mg of cholesterol.
  2. Caviar (Fish Roe): Commonly consumed as a garnish, caviar can provide almost 588mg cholesterol per 100g serving.
  3. Liver, Pate, Foie Gras: Liver is one of the best sources of cholesterol. Liver from any meat contains approximately 564mg of cholesterol /100g and foie gras contains 255mg.
  4. Butter: 100g butter contains 219mg of cholesterol that works out to be 30mg per tablespoon, making it an excellent source of the nutrient.
  5. Shrimp (Prawns, Camarones): Shrimps are an excellent source of cholesterol. 100g of shrimp gives you 195mg of cholesterol, i.e. 11mg per large shrimp you consume.
  6. Breakfast Foods: Some of you favorite breakfast items like ham, egg, and cheese biscuit are packed with cholesterol providing 172mg/100g serving, or 246mg of cholesterol per biscuit.
  7. Oil Packed Fish: Atlantic sardines have one of the highest content 142mg of cholesterol per 100g, so choose your fish carefully.
  8. Cheese: One of the very few vegetarian sources of cholesterol contains a good amount of cholesterol. Port de Salut (123mg/100g serving) has the highest content followed by Fontina, Gouda, Cream Cheese, Gruyere, and Cheddar. 
  9. Processed Meat: Cholesterol content of the meat depends on the cut and amount of fat used during processing. Liver sausage and bratwurst contains 158mg/100g serving. If the processing techniques and fat used are similar duck and lamb would contain higher mounts of cholesterol as compared to the other meats.
  10. Shell Fish (Oysters, Clams & Mussels): Shellfish can be cooked and consumed in many forms; certain species of oysters contain almost 105mg of cholesterol per 100 g serving.


How to incorporate Cholesterol Rich Foods in Children’s Diets

Foods high in cholesterol need not be necessarily unhealthy for your kids! How do you ensure that? Choose healthy cooking techniques like boiling, steaming, sautéing instead of frying. Tyr out this deviled eggs, children would love it! 


Note: Children, especially ones under 2 yrs are prone to food sensitivity and allergy. Introduce any new food slowly and cautiously. If you are aware of you child's food allergy avoid the any food that contains that particular allergen completely.


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Top 10 Cholesterol Rich Foods For Children