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Natural Remedies For Anxiety During Pregnancy

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Chamomile TeaAnxiety during pregnancy is quite common and even expected to an extent. However, when anxiety reaches to a level where it affects daily life of the female, it can lead to complications in pregnancy and even intervene with the baby's brain development. Since, most of the conventional medications prescribed for clinical anxiety are out of bounds during pregnancy, natural remedies are the best option available. Take a look at some of the top natural treatments here.


Top Natural Remedies For Anxiety


1. Catnip Leaf:


Catnip leaf is known to calm down nerves, treat insomnia, alleviate hyperactive nervous energy, and also deals effectively with birth anxiety. Catnip tea helps a lot in relieving from any sort of stress, and also reduces pain and fever during pregnancy. It has got wonderful sedative effects. It can be used in soups, stews, salads, and sandwiches.


2. Chamomile:


 Chamomile is an herbal supplement known to bring instant relief to anxious brain, especially during pregnancy. This garden herb is exceptionally high in calcium and potassium supplements, which actually make it a wonderful brain tonic. It treats indigestion, birth anxiety, morning sickness, and gas like anxiety conditions in pregnancy. A nice decoction should be prepared with some fresh lot of chamomile flowers dunked in boiling water.


3. Red Raspberry:


 Many experts recommend taking red raspberry tea during pregnancy for two simple reasons. One is that it is a great stress reliever, and other is that it eases the delivery cramps during birth. It is of great help in alleviating minor cramps, and abdominal stretch pains during pregnancy. It is also a wonderful supplement for women who experience a hell lot of morning sickness anxiety. Iron, calcium, potassium, and good dose of vitamins make it a miraculous tonic for brain.  


4. Red Clover:


Red clover has generous amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is good sedative and a strong infusion of the red clover blossoms are taken during pregnancy. It also has notable amount of zinc and selenium making it a soothing tonic for anxious brain.


5. Seaweeds:


Seaweed is one of the best known health supplements for pregnant women. It is bestowed with 23 minerals which makes it a great health tonic. It also protects the fetus from any birth defects, and strengthens the immune system of expectant mother. It boosts overall health of pregnant women, without any side effects. There seems to be no better natural remedy than seaweed for pregnant ladies.


These are some of safe and effective natural remedies helpful to combat anxiety and stress related disorders during pregnancy.


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Natural Remedies For Anxiety During Pregnancy