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Natural Remedies For Strep Throat During Pregnancy

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Lemon oilStrep throat or the streptococcal infection of throat is a common complaint during pregnancy. If ignored it can lead to serious complications such as spreading to other organs and/or even passing the infection to baby. Pregnancy being a delicate stage, several of the common antibiotics and other traditional medications are restricted. In such a situation, natural remedies like saline water gargle, ginger, turmeric, etc. can work wonders for pregnant women. These alternative treatments also neutralize any side effects, which could be caused due to conventional medications. To know more of about these safe and natural treatments, take a glance here.


Safe and Effective Natural Remedies


Some of the most effective and safe options can be tried at home without any worries. They provide instant relief, and can be repeated many a times.


1. Saline Water:


Gargling with saline water is a popular strep throat treatment. The principle by which it works is rather simple. Salt draws water from the swollen cells that are causing pain, and inability to swallow foods. Not only this, but brine also kills bacteria, decreasing the chances of infection from spreading. You can also prefer using saline nose spray. Practically, the burning sensation you feel while gargling salt water is probably the death of those damned strep bacteria!


2. Eucalyptus Oil:


Eucalyptus oil is another easy fix to get rid of excessive mucus formation during strep throat. Mucus formation is contagious, and also lead to serious infection in the baby. Add eucalyptus oil to a tub of boiling water, and try to inhale the vapors. This process will drain out the mucus from throat and chest. This also loosens mucus in throat, and relieves you from sinus congestion.


3. Honey:


Honey is a natural remedy to many ailments, and one of the popularly known health benefits of it is in treating strep throat infections. It has anti-inflammatory, and anti- bacterial properties. It not only soothes the throat, but is also capable in killing the bacteria causing strep throat. It is a common belief that too much heat in the body can give rise to strep throat like conditions. Honey drink helps in decreasing the excess body heat. It is recommended to gargle with lukewarm water to which 2 tablespoons of honey has been dissolved, along with a pinch of salt, and 4 drops of lemon juice.


4. Chamomile Tea:


Chamomile is the best herbal solution to strep throat, and is much safer option during pregnancy as well. Owing to its natural analgesic property, it helps to allay pain and fever. It offers great relief from pain, and swelling.


Auxiliary Natural Remedies


  • Consuming half a tablespoon of turmeric dissolved in hot milk helps in soothing the infected throat.
  • Taking ginger tea also help in calming the discomfort caused due to swollen throat.
  • Juice of ginger with honey is sure to make you feel better.


These are some of popular natural remedies that are quite safe during pregnancy for those down with strep throat infection.


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Natural Remedies For Strep Throat During Pregnancy