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Guava Concentrate Health Benefits

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Guava A well-recommended home remedy for diarrhea, the fresh, sweet fruit of guava shields you from cancer, diabetes, and cholesterol. Rich with pectin, vitamin A, and iron, it is an admirable solution for digestive disorders. How many of you actually know that guava is a richer source of the healing and immunity building vitamin C? And, the best thing is that the freshly squeezed guava juice concentrate brings with it all the goodness of this wonderful fruit. Here are some interesting reasons as to why one should include guava concentrate as part of the diet.


Guava Concentrate – The Ocean Of Health Benefits

  • For A Stronger Digestive System

The surplus presence of alkaline astringents in the concentrate makes it an ideal medication to bind the loose bowels experienced during diarrhea and dysentery. Rich with antibacterial and disinfectant properties, it offers relief to people suffering from dysentery by eliminating the mucous and preventing the growth of microbes in the intestine. The fruit also contains potassium and carotenoids, which aid in toning and strengthening the digestive system.


The seeds of guava, when included while preparing the concentrate, help the latter to act as a wonderful laxative. Since the concentrate contains a good amount of dietary fibers, the drink aids in easing constipation by softening the stools and stimulating easier excretion.


  • Guava Concentrate Safeguard Yourself From Cold And Cough

Raw concentrate prepared from immature guavas lowers the mucus, disinfects the respiratory tract, lungs, and throats, and prevents microbial growth. Thus, the astringent nature of this drink makes it a natural anti-cold drink. The presence of vitamin C and iron boosts the immunity power, thus, averting viral infections, cold, and cold-associated conditions.


  • For A Visibly Radiant Skin

A glass of concentrated guava juice helps in firming the skin, while the astringent helps in retaining the skin texture and thwarting skin disorders, including pimples and acnes. The abundance of vitamins A, B, and C, along with potassium transforms this wonderful drink into a natural detoxifier and antioxidant. To put it in simple words, the concentrate is a natural way to delay ageing and keep your skin young, healthy, and glowing.


  • Drink For A Healthy Heart

The drink lowers cholesterol levels, and thus, prevents arterial thickening. The surplus amounts of fibers enable it to showcase hypoglycemic properties and thus, aid in maintaining the levels of blood pressure. The lower the cholesterol and blood pressure levels are, the healthier and safer your heart it.


  • Health Benefits Of Guava Juice Concentrate Weight Loss Drink

Obesity is one of the major issues troubling the people and this delicious drink is a gift from Mother Nature to shed the excess pounds in a sweet way. While the concentrate has fibers, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in affluence, it lacks less digestible carbohydrates and cholesterol. Thus, it keeps you full, prevents cravings, and helps you with weight loss.


  • What More Can You Expect

  • If you have scurvy, then try the concentrate. It contains Vitamin C which is the sole cure for this deficiency.
  • The concentrate made from red guavas contains lycopene, which averts the risk of cancer.
  • A nature’s cure for male infertility, the drink also boosts the sperm counts and acts as a aphrodisiac.
  • It is an efficient and effective remedy for swollen gums, toothaches, oral ulcers, as well as epilepsy and convulsions.


The discussion about the health benefits of guava concentrate is never ending. The best way to get to know more about the goodness of this lovely drink is to try it out yourself!

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Guava Concentrate Health Benefits