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Supplements For Back Pain

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PineapplesOne in five people visit their physician due to chronic back pain, and 80% of individuals experience at least one episode of back pain at some point in their life. Being one of the second most widespread cause of long term disability, and work related absence, back pain needs to be addressed seriously. Apart from treatment options like painkillers, acupuncture, exercises, and psychological therapies, some cases can also be cured with supplements. Let us learn the best way to stay well with clinically approved supplements listed here.


Glucosamine sulfate:


Start a Strengthening program  for your back muscles, and cartilage with glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine has been known to build spine supporting cartilage and also helps in re-growth of damaged cartilage. It also prevents any further attacks of slipped spine discs. Glucosamine is generally recommended to be taken with chondriotin( another supplement for re building cartilage tissues). It is best consumed in empty stomach, and clinical dose is 500 mg per day. However, people with high blood sugar must avoid taking this supplement.


Mineral Supplements:


Calcium, magnesium, boron, are known to provide protective measure to spinal joints. It is also recommended for a normal healthy individual to supplement their daily diet with these life saving minerals. Magnesium is known to act as muscle relaxant, and eliminate stiffness if any in the back muscles. Calcium is another bone fortifying minerals. It should be taken in conjunction with magnesium to prove its maximum efficacy. Boron comes into the picture, because it helps in absorption of calcium and magnesium into body.




Niacine comes in the form of niacinamide supplements. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and also acts as natural analgesic ( pain relieving agent). It is a form of vitamin B, and studies have confirmed its dramatic usage in re building the damaged cartilage due to excessive pressure on back muscles. Caution in the order states that taking it in high dose can damage your liver, and raise your risk of developing diabetes.




It is a supplemented extracted from succulent pineapples. It is known to enhance your spinal flexibility, and has got some wonderful pain reliving properties too. It is known to act in similar way as the synthetic pain killers. It also works in suppressing swelling around the spinal joints. People with stomach ulcers should restrain from taking this supplement.


Devil’s Claw:


It is also known to act in similar way as the traditional pain killers. Apart from inducing flexibility, it coordinates with synthetic supplements to decrease the cases of acute back pain. It should be always taken with meal, however consult with your doctor before indulging into it.

These are some of the medically approved supplements which can save yourself a trip to your doctor’s desk.

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Supplements For Back Pain