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Supplements For Triglycerides

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Fenugreek SupplementsHigh triglycerides and their presumed link to heart disease is a cause of concern for people of any age or gender. The safe level for triglycerides is 1.13mml/l. Level more than this is thought to make you susceptible to a number of heart ailments. There are several supplements which work synergistic-ally to lower triglyceride levels, and prevent any unpleasant health complications. Let us find out in detail about some heart friendly supplements.


A Guide to Heart Friendly Supplements


Some of the clinically acclaimed supplements for lowering triglycerides needs special mention, so that one can complement their diet, and lifestyle with these supplements.


1. Artichoke Leaf Extracts:


Artichoke leaf extracts have been known to reduce plasma cholesterol level to a safer level. It has also some good antioxidants properties, which helps it to be recognized as a natural supplement for inhibiting the triglycerides synthesis in our body. Some of the studies included the theory that these supplements enhanced the production and secretion of bile acid in our liver. These acids are responsible for reducing triglycerides level in blood stream. The cooking phenomenon enhances the nutritional action of artichoke. Standardized supplementation says that 400 mg of artichoke for three times a day is recommended.


2. Gugulipid:


It shows therapeutic effect to good number of cholesterol, and triglycerides lowering drugs. It has ketonic steroid compounds which impart gugulipid its triglycerides lowering property. It increases the absorption of cholesterol, and triglycerides from blood to liver, and thus decreases the amount . In very recent studies, it has been shown that gugulipid reduced triglycerides level to about 27 percent in high cholesterol patients. It is toxic free compound with no side effects. Recommended dose is 75 mg of gugulipids per day.


3. Fenugreek:


It is a wonderful herbal supplement which is known to work in incredible way for diabetes, and high cholesterol level. It has been seen that this herb when taken along with meal, can limit the level of triglycerides rise in blood stream.


4. Garlic:


Garlic is rich in organosulphur compounds like allicin. This help in lowering triglycerides level to pretty safer side. It is documented to lower glucose, and fat lipid profile in blood. A daily recommended dose is 3 to 4 cloves of garlic for every normal individual.


Other Helpful Supplements:


  • Turmeric has cucurmin , which is an antioxidant helping in preventing damage to heart due to raised cholesterol level.
  • A cup of brewed green tea can also work wonders for high triglycerides cases. It has catechins as chemical compound aiding in lowering of triglycerides level.
  • Oat bran is full fledged supplement rich in fibers. Fibers are known to reduce the level of cholesterol, and triglycerides in blood, and thereby lower high blood pressure conditions, one of the major reason for raised triglycerides.


Given so many efficient supplements for lowering triglycerides, one can switch to these with proper medical advice.


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Supplements For Triglycerides